Inkulinati loves slapping, punching, and swatting at the screen, and these are the best moves to use to mess up the game.

In Inkulinati, talents have a pretty small pool, but hand actions are all over the place. Players can go into a run hoping for one style, but if a great hand comes along that changes how the game can be won, they might need to switch.

Players who have played Inkulinati for a long time know that they don’t always get the hand actions they want. A few times during the trip, they get to choose what to do. When they look for the best choices, these are the ones that will make gamers feel excited and give them the best chance of winning.


EffectForces an enemy beast to take a nap and skip its turn.

After players find out what happens to quills when they die for the first time, many of them will say they fell asleep at a bad time. Skipping a critical turn can make it impossible for an opponent to do anything at all. The Sleep hand action has a maximum range and can only be used every other turn. If the opponent has all five beasts on the field, they can only do 90% or less of their damage. If this hand action is done less, it gets stronger.

Mass Healing Grace

EffectRemoves all negative status effects from up to three friendly beasts.

Players will have to find other ways to get rid of stacks of boredom, but Mass Healing Grace can get rid of all other bad effects. Every other turn, a player can take a group of bad units and get rid of their problems. This is important if you want to stay alive through effects like being drunk or bleeding that don’t go away quickly, if at all. Also, the final boss has a beast that will often put Danse Macabre on three units in a row. Mass Healing Grace goes right after this problem.


EffectStrikes three targets adjacent to each other for 5 damage.

The three-turn cooldown is the only bad thing about this punch. Aside from that, it’s strong to deal five damage to a group of enemies. Strike can easily wipe out a team that is not ready for it. Even if the group is just about to die, a single archer can fire a bunch of arrows at the enemy to kill them. Those who stay alive will have to lick their wounds and get better, which lets the player who used Strike stay on offense.


EffectStrikes the selected target for 5 damage.

Swat is the first hand action that new players learn, and it is still a strong choice for experts. It can be used early on to gain prestige and later on to kill single units.

This is better than Strike because it can be used every other turn. Swat will kill enemies who don’t know, and enemies who do know will stay far away from the action to avoid being killed. It’s just as strong as the move itself to keep enemies away.

Greater Healing

EffectHeals a friendly beast or Tiny Inkulinati for 8 health.

In general, it’s better to stay on offense than on defense, but all it takes to lose the game is one bad barrage. Greater Healing can heal the Tiny Inkulinati (or a beast) for eight points, which is enough to get back on your feet after taking a pretty hard hit. Even the best skills in the game can’t help you as much as Greater Healing does when it comes to staying alive.

Mass Awakening

EffectWakes up to 3 friendly beasts from their nap and gives them an additional turn in the current chapter.

Many people see this hand action and dismiss it too quickly because they don’t know when it would be useful outside of a Donkey Bard, one of the best beasts in the game, putting the team to sleep. But you might want to use this when putting units. After putting down three in a row, players with Mass Awakening can use all of them right away. The four-turn cooldown is long, but beasts can use this as if it were two turns, which easily makes up for the cost.


EffectWakes a friendly beast up from their nap and gives them an additional turn in the current chapter.

Take what was said in the last entry, cut the cooldown time in half, and make it a single unit. That’s Awakening. It only works for one beast at a time, but getting an extra turn every other round makes it almost impossible for opponents to get the upper hand.

Draw 3 Fire Sparks

EffectDraw 3 fire sparks next to each other.

There is a catch to this skill. It’s really strong only if players use devils, which are the best units in Slope Game right now. They can’t be hurt by fire sparks and can kill anyone who stands in them at once.

If you can make three fire sparks every other chapter, the map will quickly be full. As opponents try to find safety, the devils will kill them one by one, or even the enemy Ink Inkulinati itself.

Draw Fire Sparks

EffectDraws fire sparks.

Again, this is the same idea as Draw 3 Fire Sparks, but every round it only makes one fire spark. Putting one at maximum range lets the player’s Tiny Inkulinati safely collect more living ink while a devil targets the square with the fire spark and kills the enemy inside it.

Move Right & Move Left

EffectMoves the selected object to the first unoccupied field on the right/left.

There’s a good reason why these two hand actions are in every pack. Players who can’t move sometimes only last for one round even though they can use it every round. If you don’t have them, you’re basically giving up the game. Even though players have five spaces for actions they can do with their hands, two of them should always be these moves.

Inkulinati is now available for PC, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox X/S.


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