Since Persona 5 Royal is now on PC, mods can finally be used to change and improve the game. Some of the best changes are listed here.

Since Persona 5 Royal has been available for PC since 2022, it is no longer a PlayStation-only game. The hacking community has been slowly putting out mods for the social sim JRPG since it came out on PC. These mods add custom changes and much-needed improvements to the game’s quality of life.

Installing mods for Persona 5 Royal on a PC is very easy, and GameBanana has a lot of great mods to choose from. These mods are great for a first-time playthrough, especially if you want to change some of the music or outfits or make some quality-of-life changes to the game as a whole. However, they almost become necessary for any future playthroughs.

P5R Female Protagonist By Chlorophylls

This newly released mod did something we’ve all wanted Atlus to do for years: it changed the main character of P5 from a man to a woman. Even though this was done in P3P, many people were upset to find out that the Royal expansion didn’t have a female MC option. This mod fixes this problem by making Joker a woman.

This big mod gives Joker new clothes, animations, textures, voice lines, and a lot of other changes to the way the game is played. The mod changes what Joker looks like in the overworld, in fights, and in Palaces. Even though this mod has been launched, there are still more changes to come, but it’s worth downloading to see how it plays.You can get it at GameBanana.

Persona 5: Investigation Team By MadMax1960

Anyone for P4 in P5R? The main characters in Persona 5 Royal are changed to those from Persona 4 Golden by this character overhaul mod. This mod is a huge project, and it has been released as a “work-in-progress,” which means that the author is still adding to it.

Everything else besides the voice lines is changed by this mod. Models have been brought in from other places, and bust-ups and Personas have been changed. If you couldn’t get enough of the P4 cast, this mod brings them into the world of P5 as fully realized 3D models that weren’t possible on the Vita.GameBanana is where you can get the mod.

No Darkened Faces By Haalyle

In Persona 5, when you call your Persona into fight, you may notice that they hold their mask up to their face. During the motion, a dark mask covers the player’s face, making it darker and hiding their features. This mod gets rid of the shading or dark mask that shows up during battle, making the figures look better.

In the end, this mod only changes how the dark masks look, so if you don’t mind the dark masks, you don’t need this. We think it makes the character models stand out more, so we can see their faces better when they are fighting. Also, these masks never show up outside of battle, so it makes a lot of sense.Get the modification from GameBanana.

Ambush BGM Expansion By Kekulism

The music is one of the best parts of Persona 5 Royal. So, it’s a shame that you don’t get to see much of it when you fight in Palaces unless you wear different outfits. Even with these outfits, there is only one track of music, which makes it hard to change things up.

This mod changes that so that each DLC outfit has two different BGMs. Whether you start a fight with a surprise or a normal attack will change these songs. Even though it’s just one more track, hearing different Persona music when you raid Palaces or Mementos makes the game so much better. Help out your ears and get this mod from GameBanan

Always Dodge Chalk By Delish

This mod is for people who have saved and loaded what seems like a million times. The “always dodge chalk” mod does exactly what it says it will do. Joker will never get hit in the head with a piece of chalk when he isn’t paying attention in class.

In case you didn’t know, if you avoid the chalk, your Charm stat will go up by a few points. In the base game, dodging the chalk is all up to random chance. If you take that away, you’ll get more Charm over the course of the game and find it easier to reach max level. Go to GameBanana to get the mod.

No RNG When Crafting: The Royal By Meovvcat

Another change to make you work better-motivated players. This mode takes away the random chance bonus you get when you make infiltration tools. When you make something, you can get more Proficiency points, which add to your social stats. If you’ve read any Persona 5 guide, you’ll know that most of them recommend saving and reloading for this random skill rise to happen.

Do yourself a favor and don’t save-scum. That way, you won’t have to deal with the dangers and waiting screens that come with it. Your making skill will go up as much as it can in one session. So you can spend more time later in the game doing more important things.You can get it on GameBanana.

Negotiation Cheat Sheet By NineNates

Cheatsheet mods are very helpful in Persona 5, especially when dealing with Shadows. This mod will be one of your favorites if you were annoyed by the dialogue choices and having to pay attention to the Shadow type to find the right answer.

Depending on how the Shadow acts, the dialogue choice that matches its type, such as Upbeat, Timid, etc., will have a U or T next to it. When this happens, you’ll see more than one letter next to a dialogue choice. Just pick the one that starts with the first letter of the Shadow’s type, and you’ll never lose another deal. You can get it at GameBanana.

Shut Up, Sae! By Wisteria

Do you know that whenever you get a new Confidant. Sae shows you a very annoying cutscene in the questioning room? Well, this mod gets rid of the pause so you can open the confidant without stopping.

We don’t suggest this mod for a first playthrough because her dialogue adds a lot of flavor to the story as a whole. However, when we replay Funny Shooter and have to watch these cutscenes for every confidant we’ve unlocked, it loses a lot of its value.GameBanana is where you can get it.

Classroom And Confidant Cheat Sheet By Haalyle

This is one of the best quality-of-life mods for people who have already played P5. We’ve all been there: in the middle of a talk with a confidant. We stop to look online for the best way to say something to get a good response. It’s hard to say how helpful this mod is, especially when it comes to playing faster.

During talks, a plus sign will appear next to the right answer that gives you the most points. You don’t have to cross-reference the information or look it up on Google. This mod does it all for you, and you won’t need to keep multiple tabs open. The point sign works on the assumption that you have a Persona that matches the confidant’s arcana.GameBanana is where you can get the mod.

P5R: Custom Bonus Tweaks By DeathChaos

This mod might be the biggest one that has been made for P5R so far. It’s both complete and amazing, and it makes a lot of great changes in one easy-to-install mod package. DeathChaos, who made the mod, did a lot of the game’s code backwards to make it.

It would be hard to name all the ways this mod changes the game, but some of the best things are that characters’ outfits stay the same during pre-rendered cutscenes and Futuba’s outfit stays the same during her All Out Attack animation. There are also new voice lines for Joker, new challenge battles, and new costumes. This great mod from GameBanana adds all of these things and more.


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