11 Hidden Details And Secrets In Persona 3 Portable
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11 Hidden Details And Secrets In Persona 3 Portable

The Velvet Room has a lot of secrets hidden behind its curtains. Persona 3 Portable has a story that is full, but most players didn’t notice a few things. It’s bound to happen. The game isn’t short and has many ways to end, so it’s easy to forget a lot of details even after you’re done.

There are trade-offs in Persona 3 Portable, and some days when you don’t talk to a certain character, you might miss important parts of their story. We’ll look at some of the general and character-specific parts you might have missed.

Everybody Is Lonely

In anime and games, you can’t be the main character without being the most lonely person ever. All of the characters in Persona 3 Portable game seem to have a troubled past or parents who don’t get along with each other. It’s also not clear who the main character’s family is. It’s almost as if they are all alone in the world.

Even if their parents are still alive and well, like Mitsuru’s, they have to show that they are the best choice to take over the Kirijo group. You probably think she’s a great student who always gets straight As, but what happens in the game makes it seem like that’s not enough for her family.

Aigis Doesn’t Need A Heart To Have Feelings

In the female main character’s route, you meet Aigis for the first time on the beach, where Akihiro and Junpei are all over him. From the way she talks to the way she moves, she is as robotic as can be, and she also does what her controllers tell her to do. At first, she doesn’t seem to know what’s going on.

Depending on what you do, she starts to be able to feel and connect with people over time. You might not have noticed this until a key point in the story, when she has to choose between a command and the friends she’s made.

Theodore Sounds Like He’s From A Different Time (Or World)

Theodore acts like he’s never seen or used an escalator, and he often looks like a child when he’s with the main character at Paulownia Mall. In the story, it’s never really made clear if he’s from a different time or world because he’s so interested in everyday things in the late 2000s.

Even if you leave out the new words he doesn’t know, he also uses words that are out of date if you look closely. Even though he looks like he’s in his mid-20s, this shows that he’s lived a long time.

Theodore And Elizabeth Can Leave The Velvet Room, Igor Doesn’t

It’s normal to hang out with Theodore and Elizabeth, since you and them have become shopping buddies. They aren’t bound by the mysterious Velvet Room you can visit in your dreams. But the man you often talk to and have a mysterious contract with never leaves the room.

This makes me wonder why Igor never leaves the room. Perhaps he doesn’t want to. At least in this Persona game, we’ll never know.

The Velvet Room Is An Elevator

The Velvet Room in this version of Persona game looks like an elevator going up. So I hope you don’t get motion sickness. It’s not a random design choice by the people who made the game, and it’s definitely an elevator. It’s likely why the ending gives you a hint that you’ve reached the last floor.

In this version of Persona, we don’t really know much about Igor either. It’s never brought up in Persona 3 Portable, but in the games that follow, you learn more about him. You probably didn’t know that the room changes depending on who is in it. Instead, you probably thought it was just Igor’s strange room.

You Don’t Have A Strong Reason To Visit The Bar

It’s strange that a high schooler can go into a bar. But it’s even stranger that they hang out with people who are over the legal drinking age. Mutatsu might be a good reason to go to the bar, since he is a social link with an interesting story. But if you’re not going to Mutatsu, it’s strange that you’re in the bar, if it’s not already strange that you hang out.

At first, you wait tables as a side job, but this doesn’t happen much during the game. Instead, you spend your time getting to know Mutatsu better. Even he tells you at some point to go home and stop being so tense. Because you’re too young to be there.

There’s A Controversial Romance Route

Almost everyone is willing to date straight, so who you can date will depend on what gender you choose. But the strange romance route involves Ken, who looks like a little boy. And you might not have known this if you weren’t trying to see every possible ending in the game.

Some people have even changed the game to get rid of this illegal route. Which shouldn’t be there in the first place. If you run into this situation by accident, you might be surprised to find out that it’s real.

There Are Real-Life Brands In The Game

Pick your poison, Dr. Salt and Nastea, because the names of these drinks sound ten times worse in the game than they do in real life. In the game, Dr. Salt is also called Dr. Pepper, and it can be bought for 120 Yen. It is said to be a popular soda brand no matter what. Let’s just hope that it’s like Dr. Pepper and doesn’t taste like salt at all.

The word “Nastea” is a direct reference to the tea powder brand “Nestea.” It’s also a tea drink that can heal you in the game. This isn’t the first time a video game has hidden a reference to Dr. Pepper. But it is one of the few times Nestea has been made fun of. If only drinking soda and tea could really make us healthier.

Some Characters Disappear When You Choose To Play A Different Gender

Main leads disappear if you choose to be the male main character over the female main character. In the male main character route, Akihiko isn’t there, so Mamoru takes his place as the Star Social Link. Playing as the male or female main character will make you feel like you live in two different, but very similar, worlds.

This is partly because the way some characters see you changes. And if your social stats are good enough, some of them might even fall in love with your character.

The Meaning Of The Contract You Signed At The Start

Many people still think about what the contract says and what it means. The only words you’re given are “I choose this fate of my own free will,” which sounds more like a confirmation that it’s your choice to sign the contract than an explanation of what it says. But if you read the game’s prologue, you’ll find that the answer was there all along.

You want to protect the future and the world you live in. So you’re going to make every choice you’re about to make this year on your own to get stronger. You choose these things to get stronger so you can protect the world and everyone you care about in Happy Wheels game.

The Answer To Life’s Greatest Question

It was a surprise to be shot into space (or maybe not), but Igor told you in the Velvet Room that the power of the Universe is the answer to life’s biggest question. But it’s also called the power of friendship. Because it wouldn’t have happened if people didn’t have strong bonds with each other.

The meaning of life is another thing you might have missed. It is the most important question in life. The bad guys are nihilistic, and even the good guys don’t know much about what life is all about. It’s a question that keeps coming up in the conversations. So, friendship is the answer to life’s biggest question, which shouldn’t be a surprise for a game based on friendship.

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