All of the “cleaners” in Back 4 Blood have something to offer. Here, we look at the best characters you can play as in the game.

Back 4 Blood has a lot of characters to choose from, and you don’t have to play a run as the same one every time. Each cleaner has special abilities that will help you and your team beat all of the Ridden and get to the end of the level safely.

Which characters are best to use will depend on how hard you’re playing and which stages you’re on, but some cleaners are better for all types of stages (and modes). So get your team together, plan your strategies, and pick your cards wisely.


  • Optimal play style – Sniper with a long range who is good at reconnaissance.

In Back 4 Blood, damage is important if you want to kill all of the Ridden in your way. However, time and patience will be much more useful, since damage won’t mean much if you’re downed and can’t move around to kill your enemies. But if the damage done is the most important thing, Jim is a great choice.

He also gives you a 25% faster reload speed, which is a great perk for quickly getting ready for the next wave of Ridden. +10% team weakspot damage is also not bad when you’re trying to kill those annoying Tallboys.


  • Optimal play style – A support player who does their best work at medium and close ranges with a shotgun.

On paper, Heng’s qualities sound great, but he doesn’t measure up to most of the other cleaners. His individual skills have to do with food or finding things, which you’ll use a lot. Heng can sense nearby cards and food, just like Karlee can sense danger, and he can also find the entrances to the Hive.

Heng starts with a Hatchet and an RPK. Each time he eats food, his team effect heals him and gives him a little more stamina. He is a part of the DLC called “Tunnels of Terror.”


  • Optimal play style – Someone who plays on the offense and does a great job of hurting the Ridden.

When the stage seems impossible to beat and you think this is the end for your character, playing as Hoffman will give you an extra spot in your offensive inventory so you can hold an extra offensive item. When you’re playing Hoffman, you don’t have to worry as much about needing another Molotov cocktail or frag grenade. It’s an underrated tool that will help you deal with the huge number of Ridden.

Hoffman also gives the team 15% more ammo and has a chance to find more ammo every time he kills a Ridden.


  • Optimal play style – A player with a lot of stamina who works well with a team or on their own.

Karlee is a great addition to the team because she can tell when there are mutations or dangers nearby that the team needs to be aware of. This isn’t always necessary, since it’s hard to miss an enemy, especially a dangerous one. But in the later stages, when Back 4 Blood game moves faster and there are more things to keep track of, this can be a very important tool that saves your team.

Karlee also gets an extra quick inventory slot and a +50% speed boost for everyone on the team.


  • Optimal play style – A support player who focuses on healing and isn’t afraid to take risks and let their teammates do most of the shooting.

Dan is the most different from the other cleaners. He is part of the Children of the Worm DLC. His traits don’t help with health, stamina, or attack power. Instead, they only help when someone is knocked down. Dan works with the Divine Intervention Effects, which is a system that plays a random effect from this power whenever a cleaner is brought back to life.

Some of these effects are that live grenades will show up, your full health will be restored, and someone will get an extra life. The only bad thing about this is that these traits will only show up in certain situations.


  • Optimal play style – A player who plays like a tank and isn’t afraid to run into danger.

Sharice is best as a melee support character. When she and Doc work together, they give your team all the defense they need. Your health bar will be 25% stronger because of her team trait, and Sharice herself has a +25% resistance to trauma.

She can also use Ridden’s broken armor to make Makeshift Armor that blocks all damage from the next heavy hit. For offense, she starts a match with a Fire Axe, a UMP45 (submachine gun), and a flashbang.


  • Optimal play style – A player who focuses on doing damage and is also the best character for new players to start with.

Walker is great for accuracy and making the health of the team better by +10 health. Walker’s accuracy goes up by 20% for five seconds after a precision kill, and he does an extra 10% damage to all enemies when he plays as him.

Walker’s perks are good for 8 Ball Pool game as a whole because they improve many parts of your stats and make Walker stronger in different ways. He’s also a very fun character to play, and he has a knack for making accurate shots.


  • Optimal play style – The most important thing to them is agility, and melee is a must.

Running away from really scary enemies and being chased by them seems to be a running gag in horror games. There aren’t many games that don’t have a chase scene, but Back 4 Blood has a lot of them. You’ll always be moving, so it’s important to keep an eye on your stamina.

Holly gets 25 more stamina, her team’s damage resistance goes up by 5%, and when she kills a Ridden, she gets one health back.


  • Optimal play style – A support player looks out for the well-being of the whole team.

Even though playing as Mom makes you feel a little slower than the other Cleaners, she’s a great teammate because of the buffs she gives. All teammates come back to life 100% faster, which makes coming back to life much faster than usual, and their temporary health goes down 20% slower than usual.

If you play as Mom, you’ll get an extra support inventory to hold things like bandages or first-aid kits. So Mom is a good choice if health is going to be a big part of the stage you’re about to start.


  • Optimal play style – A good all-around fighter who can fight from a distance and up close.

Tala is the best DLC character because she is the only one who can control the Ridden when a whistle is blown by a teammate. When this whistle is used, a Ridden named Jeff comes to help the team fight for up to 30 seconds. After that, it has to cool down for 60 seconds before it can be used again.

Tala’s team effect makes sure that every map has one warped chest and one whistle. And her attacks make enemies bleed. The Vector (submachine) and a Bow are the first weapons she can use.


  • Optimal play style – A player who likes to play the doctor but also wants someone who knows how to use weapons.

Doc is a great character because he can take more damage and heal his teammates. If you play as Doc, you will be 15% better at healing. And your teammates will be 20% less likely to get hurt. Doc can also heal 25 health points for each of his teammates once per level.

Health isn’t as easy to lose as it seems, as long as you don’t get stuck in a chain of attacks and stay far away. Having a Doctor on your team heal you for 25 health could give you the boost you need to get to the finish line.


  • Optimal play style – Someone who wants a strong, quick character who can use melee weapons to fight Ridden Hordes.

Evangelo is a new member of the cleaners, but he’s the best character to play as. This is shown in the opening cutscene of Back 4 Blood. In almost every level of the game, speed will be important. Whether it’s to aim at zombies, avoid enemy attacks, or just run away from Ridden. When you play as Evangelo, you can recover 25% more stamina and the team can move faster by 5%.

Evangelo can also get out of grabs quickly once every 60 seconds. Which is especially helpful if the Ridden try to drag you away. His main weapon is a machete, which makes him even more useful because melee weapons are important when a lot of enemies are coming at you at once.

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