A-Z guide for creating the best bibliography for your assignment
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A-Z guide for creating the best bibliography for your assignment

Are you done with your assigned work, but left with the bibliography section? Are you struggling to prepare a referencing list? No worries, you are not the only one in this phase. For this reason, assignment help experts are in demand. So, let us try to resolve this issue by beginning to learn about what a bibliography is: 

Overview of Bibliography

A list of sources is a bibliography that you have referred to while creating any document. These sources are articles, books, magazines, journals and more. Whatever you use; statement, quote, or facts, you must cite the source. It is so because without creating a bibliography your content might be referred to as plagiarized and have consequences. While considering a source, you need to note it down to include it in the section at the end. To do this, include details of the source accurately so that the reader can search for that particular resource easily. This can also be done with the guidance of online assignment help service providers.

Types of Bibliography

1. Enumerative Bibliography

In this type of bibliography, you must list all the references in a defined arrangement. It is the most common bibliography writing style that most students use. It follows a specific plan by date, author or subject. In short, the sources they list have some common themes, structure, ideas and more. It is also termed a systematic bibliography and it justifies its name. It focuses on creating a list rather than describing the qualities of a particular source.

2. Annotated Bibliography

This type of bibliography gives an overview of the summary of the resources available on a specific topic. In addition, an annotated bibliography is a list of sources that take from the citation for each of them with a brief paragraph and evaluation of the source. In other words, this type of bibliography includes a chronological list of all the resources and comments and annotates or summarizes the information of that particular resource. It might be challenging for some students and this is the reason behind, assignment help services are coming into the focus.

3. Analytical Bibliography

This type of bibliography can say as the technical analysis or investigation of specific books, the practice of printing, the nature of it, and more. Hence, this type focuses on the description of a book on a physical basis. In other words, it analysis the facts or data that concerns the publications through watermarks, signatures, catchwords, and more. There are three sub-divisions of this; historical, descriptive, and textual. All these perform or focus on different factors. This type of bibliography also includes information about the booksellers and the printers.

Paradigm to Create a Bibliography

1. Know the sources

Selecting a source to conduct the study is the first and foremost step toward creating a bibliography. It is the most crucial step that you need to follow. Without this, you cannot move ahead to work on your assignment. For selecting an appropriate source for a study you need to focus on some of the questions that are:

  • What is the main aim of the research?
  • What do you want to achieve after conducting this study?
  • What is the problem you are looking to solve?
  • What kind of sources do you want to explore?
  • Do you need online or traditional sources?

These questions will guide you to find the most suitable resource you need for your research.

2. Analyze the Sources

After you know the specifications you want from your source, it is time to analyze it. This step is required as when you want to add a bibliography to your assignment, you must be aware of the style or type of it to construct it that way. This is a tricky process for which you can hire an Assignment Help Glasgow to guide you. To do this, you can ask yourself some questions to make it easier to evaluate these sources:

  • Why do you want to use this particular source?
  • Why this source interests you?
  • Does it have appropriate data, facts or methods?
  • How this resource explores the new connections to the topic?

These questions will define the path to follow to finalize the perfect one.

3. Prepare a Summary

Once you have selected the perfect source to work with it is time to note down its features or pointers. Doing this will help you to create a proper bibliography. While doing this, you need to consider the uniqueness of the source, techniques, and methods, and everything you find is distinct, and write it down. This is not an easy task and that is why online assignment help service providers are gaining popularity these days.

4. Final Step

In the last or final step, you need to combine all the data or information you have collected till now in a defined way. In this final stage, you must be more careful as a silly mistake can ruin your entire bibliography in the blink of an eye. So, to prepare the final list, you need to figure out the citation style you must follow. There are several styles from which the most commonly used are discussed:

APA Style

American Psychological Association

This style uses the author-date format for the in-text citations. The format for this style is:

Format: Author’s surname, Author’s initial. ( Publication Date). Title. Publication City: Name of company.

MLA Style

Modern Language Association

This style uses an author-page format for in-text citations. The format for MLA is: 

Format: Author’s family name, Author’s name. Title. Volume. Publication City: Publication Date, page number.

Chicago Style

Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS)

This style uses the author-date format for the in-text citations. The format for the Chicago style is:

Format: Author’s Surname, Name. Title: Subtitle. Edition. Publication City: Publisher Name, Publishing Year. DOI/URL.

Wrapping Up

Till now, you must know the different types of bibliographies created for your assignments. In addition, this write-up has discussed the protocol you must follow while creating this section in your document. If you still struggle with this process, you can seek guidance from assignment help experts who will guide you in the right direction.

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