Advantages and Disadvantages of Arcadia Gardens Assisted Living
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Arcadia Gardens Assisted Living

The biggest fear that most elderly people might have is losing their independence. And, they also have the desire to get old in their homes and around the comfort of their dear ones. But unfortunately, this becomes quite difficult to maintain independently. As people get old, they require continuous help, care, and attention from their families but this sometimes becomes impossible as their children also have a personal life to live and work to complete. You might think it’s cruel but this is the reality of every family with seniors. This is why the arcadia assisted living community is developed. So, arcadia gardens assisted living is a community that provides care and support to elderly people for their well-being. 

Why arcadia gardens assisted living community?

The arcadia assisted living community might be the best option for those elderly people who still need to manage their daily activities with some help. This community assists with several chores or activities including but may not limit to

  • Cleaning
  • Medication management
  • Laundry
  • Bathing
  • Dressing up and 
  • Using bathroom

Also, arcadia assisted living community provides their service according to the likes and dislikes and specific needs of the elderly people. So, some of the services provided by arcadia gardens assisted livings are as follows:

  • Concierge MD services and physical therapy
  • Weekly visits from nurse practitioner
  • Specialize care for seniors suffering from dementia
  • Customized meals
  • Engaging activities
  • All-inclusive pricing upon admission

Moreover, the staff at the arcadia assisted living community ensures that every elderly people live a peaceful and comfortable life. Besides living happily, elderly people are also encouraged to take in activities that are interesting and important to them. 

Advantages of Arcadia Gardens Assisted Living

The followings are the advantages of arcadia gardens assisted living.

Individualized care

Arcadia assisted living community provides individualized care and support based on their needs. Some may need help in bathing, getting dressed, and managing their medications while some may need help with household chores and laundry. So, the services provided by the arcadia community are being tailored to meet the needs of each senior and also ensure that they have their independence and maintain privacy in a safe and secure environment. Furthermore, the arcadia community also provides special services and assistance for seniors living with mobility problems and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Homely and comfortable environment

In the arcadia assisted living community, the seniors enjoy a higher level of privacy and greater control. In comparison to a nursing home, the environment of arcadia assisted living community corresponds to the homely environment. Moreover, the arcadia community also allows seniors to decorate their living spaces based on their preferences. This enables seniors to get the same comfort zone that gets at home. 

Help in daily activities

Assisting in household chores and daily activities is the priority for the arcadia assisted living community. So, they provide personalized assistance, care, and support for every senior. The assistance might help seniors with daily activities such as:

  • Medication
  • Personal grooming
  • Bathing
  • Laundry
  • Dressing up
  • Eating
  • Home maintenance
  • Using restrooms and 
  • Transportation

The benefit of living in an arcadia assisted living community means you do not need to worry about constant cleaning and trimming the lawn anymore. Moreover, attending community occasions, shopping, and doctor appointments will no longer be a problem for you. That’s because the arcadia community will provide transportation for the purpose.

When people age, they become lonely and isolated. This then leads to mental diseases like depression and can even lead to suicidal thoughts. But, at the arcadia assisted living community, elderly people get the opportunity to stay social i.e. interact with new people. Activities such as playing games together, watching TV, and other various activities allow them to interact with new people and socialize. 

Disadvantages of Arcadia Gardens Assisted Living

Like every community has its pros and cons, the arcadia gardens assisted living community also has a few disadvantages. The followings are the disadvantages of living in the arcadia community. They are as follows:

Limited privacy

When discussing with your elders about moving into an arcadia assisted living community, makes sure you let them know that they might have a roommate. Moreover, they will also have to adapt to the regular checks conducted by the staff once in a while. Letting them know beforehand about sharing their living spaces will help in avoiding overwhelming situations. 

Stress in adjusting to a new environment

Living in an arcadia assisted living community is the last option for every senior. However, there could be one or more unwanted circumstances that might compel you to move into such communities. It might be due to a progressive illness or the loss of a partner. So, most senior finds difficulty in adjusting to a new environment and following new rules.

  • Scheduled meal
  • New noises
  • Getting used to new people
  • Letting off their lovely pet and
  • Giving up on certain things

These might negatively affect the elders. So, it is important to let them know beforehand so they can mentally prepare for things to occur. 

Lack of extensive medical care

Every arcadia assisted living community provides only basic medical care services. So, arcadia gardens assisted living community might be the best option for those elders who are in good health and needs support only in doing their daily task. And, elders who need extensive medical care and support should particularly search for a living community that provides intensive medical care. 


The cost of the arcadia assisted living community is a major drawback. And unfortunately, medicare does not offer coverage for it. The monthly charge of the arcadia community only includes limited activities. And services like managing laundry, medication, etc take extra charges. However, for elders who need little assistance, assisted living in arcadia is a cheaper option. 

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