Best Oil Pressure Sensor Manufacturers in the World
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Best Oil Pressure Sensor Manufacturers in the World

Pressure sensors are vital components in countless systems and machinery. They accurately measure the pressure of liquids and gases in various settings. While multiple manufacturers claim to produce the best oil pressure sensors available, some stand out.

In this piece, we’ll look at some of the most exceptional manufacturers based on their engineering, performance, accuracy, cost-effectiveness, durability, and other relevant metrics. While this list cannot be said to be completely comprehensive considering the size of the industry, this short list should help give you a starting point as you explore it.

Let’s dive right in.


Amphenol offers a broad range of cost-effective, high-performance pressure-sensing solutions. These include media-isolated, surface-mounted, and hybrid sensors that you can order in various versions. Depending on your needs, you can choose to have non-calibrated, fully-calibrated, digitally output, or amplified analog versions.

Its NovaSensor P330W Absolute sensor is a Piezoresistive Pressure Die that delivers exceptional sensitivity and stability while taking up significantly less space than larger dies with similar performance.

MicroSensor Corporation

MicroSensor Corp has over 50 years of industry experience at the forefront of oil pressure sensors. The company has established a solid global reputation as a leading manufacturer of small-size, piezoresistive, anti-corrosive, and differential pressure sensors. The company’s work in developing MEM chips (essentially semiconductor sensors) utilizing germanium and silicon has driven its growth and success. 

With a deep pool of engineering talent familiar with oil and gas processes, they can be relied on to deliver world-class oil pressure sensors for use in diverse industries such as food production, aviation, medicine, and many more. To learn more about what MicroSensor Corp offers, look here.


Bosch Sensortec is famous for its precision sensors that can be found in all manner of electronics. They are found in smart home applications, smartphones, and wearable technologies. Their barometric pressure sensors, such as the BMP581, are the industry standard, making it possible for precise caloric counting in wearables, GPS navigation, and altitude stabilization in drones.


Honeywell is one of the best-known oil pressure sensor manufacturers in the world. They have a long track record of manufacturing products for application in heavy industrial settings across various industries such as aeronautics, medicine, refrigeration, agriculture, transportation, and more. 

They are considered at the forefront of innovation concerning high-end stainless steel and mounted sensors. You can count on Honeywell sensors to precisely measure whether you’re working at 3 or 8,000 psi.

Final Thoughts

Because oil pressure sensors vary according to their intended purpose, ranking them on an absolute scale is challenging. Still, the companies we’ve mentioned here consistently score above average on the critical metrics applicable to the pressure transducer industry. You can be confident of receiving a top-class product if you choose a product from one of these manufacturers.

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