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Book ambulance service in Delhi

If you are living in the Capital of India, Delhi, then you can observe that there are many ways to book an emergency ambulance booking methods. Also, there are some ways in which anyone can choose to book an ambulance service in Delhi.

If you are not aware of it, then in this blog, we will make you aware of it. Also, we have added comprehensive information about how to Book ambulance service in Delhi. If you are also looking for the answer to How to Book an ambulance service in Delhi, Then this blog is for you.

So, let’s start-

How many Types of Ambulance Services are Available in Delhi

In Delhi, the availability of various ambulance services reflects the city’s commitment to ensuring swift and specialized medical assistance during emergencies. The capital offers a diverse range of ambulance services tailored to different medical needs.

  1. Normal Ambulance: Equipped with basic life support systems, normal ambulances serve for non-critical medical situations, facilitating safe and comfortable transportation to the nearest medical facility.
  1. Advanced Ambulance: These ambulances are equipped with advanced medical equipment and trained paramedics to handle more complex medical emergencies, providing a higher level of care during transit.
  1. ICU Ventilator Ambulance: Specifically designed for critical patients, ICU ventilator ambulances are equipped with life-saving ventilators and other intensive care unit facilities to stabilize and support patients in transit.
  1. Dead Body Ambulance: Dedicated to the transportation of deceased individuals, these ambulances ensure respectful and dignified transfer of the deceased to mortuaries or for final rites.
  1. Dead Body Freezer Box Ambulance: Utilized for long-distance transfers, these ambulances feature a freezer box to preserve the deceased’s body, preventing decomposition during transportation.
  1. Air Ambulance: Employing helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft, air ambulances provide rapid transport for critically ill patients, offering swift access to specialized medical facilities.
  1. Water Ambulance: Especially relevant in a city with several water bodies, water ambulances provide emergency medical services across rivers and other waterways, reaching areas inaccessible by road.
  1. Train Ambulance: These services ensure the transfer of patients via train, allowing for efficient and cost-effective long-distance transportation with necessary medical support.
  1. Surgery Ambulance: Equipped with a mobile surgical unit, these ambulances facilitate on-the-go medical procedures, ensuring timely surgical intervention during transit.
  1. Oxygen Ambulance: Focused on patients requiring constant oxygen support, these ambulances are equipped with oxygen cylinders and respiratory support systems for patients with respiratory ailments.

How to Book ambulance service in Delhi – Methods for booking Ambulances in Delhi

Booking ambulance services in Delhi has become more accessible and efficient with various options catering to diverse preferences. Here are several ways to book an ambulance in Delhi:

  1. Direct Call: The most straightforward method is to call the emergency ambulance number directly. Dial 8008280020 for immediate assistance. Emergency response services are available 24/7, and the operators will guide you through the process.
  1. WhatsApp: Some ambulance services in Delhi have embraced modern communication platforms. Users can now book ambulances through WhatsApp by sending a message to the designated emergency contact number. This method provides a convenient way to request assistance.
  1. Online Apps: Several ambulance service providers have developed dedicated mobile applications. Users can download these apps, register, and easily request an ambulance with just a few clicks. These apps often allow users to track the ambulance in real time.
  1. Websites: Many ambulance service providers have user-friendly websites where individuals can fill out an online form to request an ambulance. These platforms may also provide additional information about services, pricing, and contact details.
  1. Government Helpline: Delhi has government-operated helplines, such as 102 and 108, which provide emergency medical services. Citizens can call these numbers to request an ambulance quickly.
  1. Private Ambulance Service Providers: Numerous private ambulance service providers operate in Delhi. Many of them offer online booking facilities through their official websites, allowing users to provide necessary details and schedule ambulance services.
  1. Mobile Wallets and Payment Apps: Some ambulance services in Delhi have integrated with popular mobile wallets and payment apps. Users can make bookings and payments seamlessly through these platforms.
  1. Emergency Services Mobile Apps: Delhi residents can also use mobile applications designed to access emergency services. These apps often include features for booking ambulances, reporting emergencies, and obtaining real-time assistance.
  1. Local Hospitals and Clinics: Hospitals and clinics in Delhi are often connected to ambulance services. Patients can request ambulances directly from healthcare facilities when needed.
  1. Community or Residential Services: In some localities, community-driven ambulance services exist. Residents may have access to dedicated ambulance services managed within their community or residential areas.


In conclusion, accessing ambulance services in Delhi has been streamlined to offer a range of convenient options for residents facing medical emergencies. The diverse methods available, including direct calls, WhatsApp, online apps, and websites, ensure that individuals can quickly and efficiently book the appropriate type of ambulance based on their specific needs.

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