Camping Gear Accessories Needed for An Amazing Trip
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Camping Gear Accessories Needed for An Amazing Trip

Although people have been camping gear for centuries, social media has only amplified its appeal. Instagram is flooded with reels of people putting up videos of their camping and hiking trips showcasing their amazing travel experiences. This along with the pop-culture romanticization of the thrilling outdoor experience through movies where the protagonist bemused with his/her life decides to go on a trip on a whim, finding the ‘meaning’ of life, has associated the idea of ‘fun’ with camping. No wonder items in camping stores are selling like hotcakes these days!

Here are some cool camping gears a seasoned traveler might find worth possessing.

Inflatable Tents

Ever since the development of inflatable tents, the camping experience has undergone a major change. The days of carrying heavy luggage are behind us now. Inflatable air tents are a huge blessing for travelers as they can be carried easily and set up at the desired place with ease. It is one of the most demanded camping gear in New Zealand shop by using city chic promo code.

  • Variety: The variations and features associated with inflatable tents are truly astonishing. These tents are available in various shapes and sizes depending upon the needs of the travelers and could accommodate up to 8 people. An excellent travel item for a wholesome family trip!
  • Comfort: Some of the important additional features of inflatable tents are the veranda awnings, adjustable poles, and bedroom partitions. These are essential for having private moments such as sitting quietly outside the tent under the shade of the veranda awnings or spending quality time with loved ones. The adjustable poles help in increasing ventilation during the summer season or periods of intense heat.
  • All-weather companion: These tents are incredibly sturdy. They protect the habitants no matter the weather conditions outside. Be it heavy rains or snowy winds, the inflatable tents are well-equipped to handle any inclement weather with ease.

Hiking Shoes

Shoes are the most vital part of the camping trip. The possession or lack of good shoes can be the difference between a good and a mediocre hiking experience. During an adventure, one may encounter rugged mountains, beaches, waterfalls, stony brooks, or thorny bushes. Without good hiking shoes, it is not possible to navigate through such tough terrains. It is crucial to have waterproof shoes that could readily glide over both dry and wet surfaces. Also, the resolute grip provided by such shoes makes the hiking experience smooth and effortless. Needless to say, carrying good hiking shoes is unnegotiable. Seasoned hikers would therefore explore the camping stores around them for suitable hiking shoes beforehand.

Shelters and Gazebos

Gazebos are roofed structures that are open on all sides. Gazebos act as a place to take shelter from heat and rain. Apart from this, gazebos also serve as a good place to rest or socialize. These enhance a camping trip significantly by organizing recreational activities to have an enjoyable time with friends, family, and even kind strangers.  

Survival Tools

Apart from the bigger items like tents and gazebos, some other tools are equally important on a camping trip. From carrying out repair work to hunting wild animals or pests to building a bonfire to handling medical emergencies, the survival tools make important constituents of camping gear. Here are some of the essential survival tools one may carry during a camping trip.

  • Skeletool KnifeBe itcarving meat, cutting fruits and veggies, or opening a can of cold beer, the skeletool knife with its contoured grip fulfills the above-mentioned functions perfectly.
  • Leatherman WingmanThe Leatherman Wingman is a combination of several tools like a plier, screwdriver, can opener, wire cutter, knife, and scissors. It is a heat-optimized, stainless steel built multi-purpose tool that performs a wide variety of functions such as setting up the tent and gazebos along with performing repair work.
  • Leatherman Raptor Rescue: Even though camping is quite a thrilling experience, it’s a risky one because one never knows what uncharted territory lies ahead for the traveler. Hence, it’s prudent to be prepared for medical emergencies like unexpected injuries, animal bites, or a poison ivy rash. The raptor rescue is a medical emergency tool that comes in extremely handy during any such untoward incident.


Camping is the ultimate stress-busting mechanism. People have been going on camping trips for several decades now. It’s an evergreen choice that’s popular among all age groups. Whether young or old, travel enthusiasts across the globe simply love this outdoor activity. There are scores of beautiful camping locations across the world but New Zealand has some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful places to camp around. The unique geographical location of the island nation and its topography have blessed the country with some outstanding outdoor locations. It’s a camper’s paradise. Camping Gear in New Zealand is thus a highly sought-after product.

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