Cladding for decking

Are you planning at cladding the deck with premium timber? Do you wish to choose horizontal timber of premium quality? The finish of the deck and depends on several factors, and the primary one is the material. Check the available options with the manufacturing team and invest in a premium decking material that lasts longer. 

A cladding for decking services should help specify the design so, help with installation, and care for the timber decking and cladding at its best. Be it the patio, seating area, or terrace, you can choose timber cladding to enjoy for several years. The timber cladding is a unique façade to a house’s exterior space and a perfect option for commercial projects as well. 

Why Invest in Composite Cladding?

Is it possible to use composite decking as cladding? The finish of composite decking isn’t like cladding, as the former lacks suitable interlocking. It doesn’t have the groove and the tongue design. If there is a gap between the cladding and the exterior wall, air will flow, and water will evaporate. If you want a durable covering for the wall, choose the right material that is perfect for wall cladding.  

The main difference between the composite cladding and the decking is that design of the cladding fits the wall. The wall boards can interlock with one another, forming a robust structure together. 

Using Composite Decking as Cladding

When aiming for cladding for decking, there are several material options to choose from that are perfect for commercial and residential projects. The materials are metals, brick, composites, wood, vinyl, plastic, and wood like plywood, pine, and cedar. 

The grain pattern and colour choice with tough durability make the cladding perfect for decking. It gives a fine finish to the deck with improved performance. 

The composite decking materials are durable, stain proof with fade warranties. It has a low maintenance level. This is one of the main reasons to choose the material for cladding in commercial and residential projects. The reasons for the same are:

When you install composite decking as siding, it cannot offer a warranty. However, the product will not fail but will offer low durability. To fill up for the void, it is composite decking that is a perfect material as it demands low maintenance in comparison to the rest. It also makes the installation easy, and you can opt for cladding materials in various colours.  

Cladding is Perfect for Exterior Walls – How?

Composite cladding is an eco-friendly option with low maintenance than cement cladding. Try to choose from premium cladding material that minimises the need to use the new resource and frequently repair the deck. 

There is a versatile range of options for composite cladding. It is more a result of a manufacturing process than an extract that makes it easy to resemble any material to give the desired look and finish for deck space. 

For instance, you can use walnut, oak, wood, silver ask, and maple for the stunning natural texture in a deck cladding. It adds a uniform look, and the cladding can be horizontal or vertical. It is suitable to add as a new extension or as a renovation. 

Cladding is Best for Insulation 

 Besides the cosmetic purpose of composite cladding, it has a practical aspect. Composite cladding gets an extra layer of thickness that prevents noise, heat, and cold weather and is a perfect option for insulation and protecting the property. It helps regulate the interior temperature and save on heating and cooling costs. The noise insulation provides privacy for the interior space. 

Ease of Installation

Similar to hardwood timber, composite cladding is easy to install over concrete, brick, and other materials. It is easy to install in domestic and commercial projects, to slot the materials together and screw them together with the help of concealed materials. 

Why Go for Hardwood Timber Decking?

The hardwood timber decking installation should have a proper design. Moreover, installation should be correct to ensure the deck area looks great for years. It requires little maintenance to prevent any premature deterioration of a deck board. Timber is a stylish option that is durable and functional. 

Withstand Weather Exposure 

A hardwood timber decking board can maintain its appearance and structure for longer with a roof. It may not always be possible. However, a timber deck can offer several benefits to the home, such as:

  • The deck requires minimal cleaning with few specks of dust and leaves that collect on the deck area 
  • A deck with a roof is suitable for use around the year, adding to the liveability of your home
  • The deck need not require frequent re-oiling as it will get full protection from any weather condition 
  • As there will be minimal weather exposure, it will not expand or contract, reducing the chance of the timber splitting, cupping, warping, and others 

If you cannot use a deck with a cover, it is better to go for narrow deck boards as it sheds water easily and can lead to warping frequently. This is how you have to plan wisely for timber hardwood installation for the deck space. An expert team can help you decide on the right material better, depending on the area in which you live. 

Is Timber Decking Suitable for Architectural Applications?

With an outdoor living space, you have to design wisely for the exterior space. Try a timber decking that adds to the architectural value of the space. For this, the space can have the following benefits:

Excellent Visual Appeal

Timber decking offers impressive visual appeal. The hardwood and composite decking add to your backyard’s warm and stylish look. A modern and entertaining space is what most modern living setup demands. Depending on the material you choose, you can have plenty of stunning outdoor space designs to pick from. 

Increases the Property Value 

A striking outdoor deck can add to the property’s value. A high-performing wooden deck with the best design adds to the property’s value and offers a high return. An impressive outdoor space is what most home buyers or investors like the most. 

Adds to Strength and Durability

The functional layout of the deck should have durability and offers strength. Any architectural design for an outdoor space should be practical and offer sophistication. Both composite and hardwood decking adds to the elegance of a place. As hardwood is long-lasting, composite decking needs less maintenance. So, both are perfect for an entertaining and outdoor kitchen space. 

Transform the Property with Timber Decking 

Decking boards are great lifestyle property options. These are comfortable under the foot, so easy to work on, and don’t get hot during the sunny climate. A timber deck is an excellent option for outdoor and indoor spaces and a preferable design for architects. If you want to arrange for an outdoor deck space, timber is a comfortable choice.  

You can stretch the area from the interior to the exterior part with a smooth finish. The transition between the spaces is smooth and is suitable for places where timber decking is preferable throughout the year. 

A Practical Option for your Family 

The hardwood timber decking is a durable decking solution for indoor and outdoor spaces of a family home. If you are a growing family and need space to arrange for kids’ play or parties, this deck space is ideal. 

As the outdoor deck is flexible and perfect for family gatherings, using timber for the deck would be the best solution. In this relation, a composite wood deck is a great outdoor option that demands minimal maintenance. 

Purpose of Exterior Cladding 

The main idea behind exterior cladding is to heighten an exterior space of a home. The common variety of exterior cladding is composite cladding. It can be of various materials like brick, vinyl, aluminium, wood, and rendering. If you have a specific idea of the finished look and the budget for the project, it will be easy to give it a real shape with the help of an efficient manufacturing team.


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