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Do’s and Don’ts to Using Ponytail Hair Extensions

Human hair ponytail do’s and dont’s

The teenage pop diva Ariana Grande, who has made the ponytail her hallmark appearance, is one of the most well-known ponytail wearers in the music industry. This girl rocks her ponytail hair like a diva, whether performing on a globe tour or appearing on live television!

Although human hair ponytail extensions are among the simplest and fastest hair extension techniques, there are some basic guidelines to follow when caring of your human hair ponytail extensions.

Let’s discuss the Dos and Don’ts of ponytail hair extensions in this post to keep it looking good.

Do’s and Dont’s of Ponytail Extensions

1. Hair cleansing products

Proper Products for Cleansing
Proper Products for Cleansing

Okay, one of the most important guidelines for care for curly ponytail extension is to stay away from shampoos and conditioners that include sulfates.

As we all know, most household cleaning products contain the powerful cleaning ingredient sulfate, including shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, and bath soap. Sulfate is to blame for the foamy textures we experience after applying shampoo and water to our hair. Sulfate removes all dirt and oil from your hair, but excessive use will strip natural oils from your and dry it out, which is why it’s bad for hair extensions like ponytails. Since extensions are no longer anchored in our scalps, they cannot self-hydrate or self-repair. Change to sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair ponytail extensions from getting dry, frizzy, and susceptible to damage.

2. Don’t wash it daily

NO to Daily Shampooing
NO to Daily Shampooing

Even if you wear ponytails every day, you should avoid using sulfate-containing products and avoid washing them daily. If they smell or are sweaty from working out at the gym, wash them only when they have gathered a lot of dust or grime.

Spray some dry shampoo to keep it clean and smelling good, which should do the work!

3. Please don’t take it off before bedtime

Keep it On Before Bedtime
Keep it On Before Bedtime

It’s completely the opposite of tape-in extensions, where you can sleep soundly at night with those tapes on. You see, a ponytail has a snap or clip that will cling onto the base of your ponytail, similar to Human Hair Extensions. While you sleep, the clip alone may pull on your hair and increase pressure on your scalp. Some areas of your scalp can feel painful or inflamed in the morning. Because the clip can yank the hair out with persistent or nonstop use, using a ponytail extension while sleeping may also result in bald areas.

Ponytail extensions are made to be worn on special occasions to enhance your ponytail’s neat, fashionable appearance. It may be worn regularly for work, although it’s mainly for special occasions. Remember to always remove it before going to bed at night.

4. Store it properly

Remember to remove your gorgeous organic ponytail hair extensions from your hair and properly store them after the celebration. Don’t roll it up and put it in a drawer! By doing this, your hair may tangle more quickly and eventually sustain damages like frizz and breakage.

After using the hair, detangle it with a brush and add a moisturizing oil, such as Moroccan or Argan oil, to boost each hair strand’s moisture and luster. Once finished, gather all the air together and gently roll and twist the hair into a donut shape. To maintain all of the hair strands in place, avoid overtwisting. After that, take a box and put it inside. A hanger-equipped extension bag is another option.


It’s essential to treat hair extensions like an investment. Human hair extensions are expensive, but they ensure a faultless appearance in which no one can even know you are using extensions.

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