How to Choose the Right Driving Schools Near Me – we share our experience
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How to Choose the Right Driving Schools Near Me – we share our experience

Currently, the choice of driving schools near me is huge. Many people seek advice from their acquaintances who have already received rights. They ask where they studied and how much the education cost. But, most often you need to look for a driving school on your own. After all, this is how you find the best option. How to choose the right driving school, we will tell in this article. Let’s share our personal experience.

Why you need to enrol in a driving school

All people need to go to a driving school to get a driver’s licence. At the same time, the choice of driving schools near me is quite wide at present. There are very few public schools for drivers left. But there are a lot of private driving schools that accept every person and try in any case to help him with his rights, even if he has serious problems.

The driving school teaches theoretical knowledge, the basics of driving, first aid, as well as traffic rules. It is very important for vehicle drivers not only to sit out in the classroom, but also to gain real knowledge and useful skills. That is why you need to know how to choose the right driving school.

Anyone over the age of 18 can now drive. For the disabled, new solutions were invent to make it easier for them to drive a vehicle. And special parking spaces were prepare so that no one could take the nearest places in front of the supermarket doors.

But, there are people who believe that if they drive their parent’s car from the age of 12, then they do not need to study at a driving school. They buy driver’s licences from corrupt traffic inspectors. It is because of the frequency of such accidents that there are often completely stupid, but at the same time terrible accidents on the road.

Thus, if you want to drive, then be sure to choose a driving school, unlearn and pass all the exams on your own. Only then will you be able to become a full-fledged road user.

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How long do you need to study at a driving school

When you start choosing a driving school, you should take into account that you will have to spend more than one week on training. It all depends on the category of rights you choose:

  • “A”, “B”, “M” – up to 4 months
  • “C” – up to 6 months
  • “D” – up to 7.5 months
  • “DE”, “CE” – up to 1 month

All these categories mean types and types of vehicles, from motorcycles to heavy vehicles and buses. Most people choose category B – these are cars with any body: hatchback, sedan, crossover, etc.

The student must choose in advance which car he wants to drive in the future. You can also study several categories at once. Then the theoretical part will be slightly shortened, because. the driver studies all traffic signs.

In any case, a driving school student first studies the theoretical part, then takes classes on a simulator. And only after that proceeds to practical lessons. It is impossible to change the program, so we recommend that you be patient and study the theoretical program in full. It is not only useful and important, but mandatory for every student. After the theoretical block, an exam is must.

First in a driving school, and then in the traffic police. So always write everything down and try to remember what you are tell. This is especially true for first aid. Do not skip this session, but be sure to do a practical exercise with the whole group.

So, when you start choosing a driving school, you should prepare your schedule. Evenings on some days should be free for extra study.

How to choose the right driving school – sharing experience

How to choose the right driving school yourself, if you do not understand? First of all, you should not run to the first nearest office, which is locate near your home. Perhaps these are scammers who only collect money from customers, give theoretical courses on a flash drive and hide in the sunset.

We also do not recommend that you immediately go to an educational institution on the advice of your friends. You always need to compare several options with each other. There is a list of different parameters and conditions that are important for driving school students. In this article, we will analyse what options for driving schools are possible, as well as what is better to choose. Let’s decide together where to get a driver’s licence.


The cost of a driving school can vary greatly. It depends on several factors:

  • Premises for rent (in which area the premises were rent, how many squares it occupies)
  • The number of teachers and their learning abilities (the more experience a teacher has, the more expensive his classes are)
  • Are there exercise equipment, boards and other exercise equipment in the room?
  • Is there a car park
  • Do you have your own autodrome?
  • Number of students placed in the class

These are the main criteria by which the price can increase. But, the popularity of the driving school must be take into account. If this is a public driving school, then the price may be slightly higher than in private institutions.

It should be borne in mind that many driving schools attract customers with promotions and discounts. But, the client needs to know the details of the promotion. For example, there are such tricks:


“A 50% discount is give to every new driving school customer until a certain period.” But the conditions of the promotion say in small print “everyone who brings a friend. It is not easy to find such an acquaintance, but if you are lucky, you will receive a discount.

They can also reduce the price, but at the same time, the price will not include practical exercises with an instructor and simulators. Then the client himself will have to pay for car rental, gasoline, an instructor and for entering the circuit.

Thus, do not believe advertising, but check all the conditions of the promotion or low cost of training. Compare several different driving schools and, if possible, choose a public one. Then you can be sure that all stages are include in the price. Until you have signed the contract, you can refuse to choose a driving school.

Class Schedule

To choose the right driving school near me, you need to know the schedule of classes. Schedule can be anything. In most cases, the format of classes is divide into groups and individuals. Group is usually held either in the early morning before the work of driving school student. Or late in the evening after work and study at the university

And in the evening there are 2 classes available. Usually at 7pm and 9pm. But this is only acceptable for large organisations. Small driving schools are designe for small groups. Thus, lessons are hold even more often – in the morning, afternoon and evening. This is necessary to earn more.

What’s wrong with a frequent schedule? The fact that you can get confuse between courses. Most students have completely different schedules of work and classes. They cannot attend all the classes as scheduled. If you miss one lesson, it will be difficult to catch up with him. In public driving schools, this problem is exclude. On the day off, you can come to the lesson of another group, which began to study later. Thus, you will learn the topic that you did not pass along with another group.

Each session is about 45 or 90 minutes long. You need to know in advance the schedule of group classes and their duration. Practical classes are hold inside the driving school. If you want to choose a driving school, be sure to find out the class schedule.

Feedback from graduates and students

The best way to find out about a driving school is to ask its students and alumni. Currently, you can find real reviews on special review services. This is where real people leave reviews. Or you can go to the reviews of search engines. For example, on Yandex it is possible to leave a review for any establishment, and it will not be delete.

Of course, you should take into account the reviews of your friends who have gone through this driving school. Take them into account to choose the right driving school.

Distance from home

Not unimportant is the distance to the driving school from home. Many are not meet with the fact that after work and study they have to travel a few more tens of kilometres to a driving school.

It will be better if you find a driving school closer to your home. The main thing is that it suits you with the rest: the cost, as well as in the class schedule. Use Google or Yandex maps to find the nearest driving schools to your home or work.

To choose the right driving school, you need to spend a couple of hours. In general, you need to look at the website of the driving school, read the description and price list. And then talk to the manager of this driving school to double-check the information.

Training ground, autodrome

To choose the right driving school, you need to familiarise yourself with the conditions of practical training. The traffic police circuit, where the final exam is take, usually belong to a state driving school. Only this institution can conduct classes with students for free at any time of the day.

Private schools need to pay for the ride and hourly lesson at the circuit. Usually the student pays for this. Also, private traders are not able to drive to the circuit at any time. If the site is busy, you will have to wait in line. Then your lesson with an instructor can drag on for a long time. Be prepare for such surprises.

Private driving schools may have their own circuit. It will be a territory on which tires will be scatter to perform various parking exercises. There must also be a flyover where you can practice stopping and starting to move uphill.

But, the traffic police circuit is much larger than private sites; up to a couple of dozen cars can pass here. Besides, it simulates urban traffic with traffic lights. Imitation of railway crossings, as well as accompanying road signs.

If you do not want to pay extra for visiting the circuit every time and constantly wait in line, then find a driving school with its own training ground. To choose the right driving school, you need to familiarise yourself with the traffic police circuit, where you have to take the final exam.

Car park

When choosing a driving school, it is also necessary to take into account the availability of a car park. This is a variety of cars in the possession of a driving school. All types of vehicles for which students are tought should be present here. Moreover, there should be at least 3-4 cars so that people from different groups have time to practice at least once a week.

So, we have listed all the criteria by which you can choose the right driving school. We hope that you will consider all factors. We recommend that you still trust the state driving school, which has its own fleet, autodrome and a convenient schedule for all citizens.

How theoretical training is carry out in a driving school

Theoretical training at school is carry out in 3 stages.

You are tought theory. Everything starts small. The teacher explains the structure of the car, gives facts about traffic, and then sequentially explains all the rules and road signs. At the same time, students must write down everything and memorise all the rules and signs. Practical classes begin. On them you learn to provide first aid, and also spend several hours at the simulators. The simulators simulate the structure of a car so that you learn how to use the steering wheel, pedals and shift lever.

Theoretical training ends with exams. They are completely identical to the traffic police exam. The student has only 2 mistakes. But at the same time, 5 more questions are add for each incorrect answer. Thus, the theoretical part of training is one of the most important. When choosing a driving school. Be sure to read the reviews and see the assessment of the teacher’s explanations in the educational institution. 

Practical training in a driving school

The practical part begins. You, together with your instructor, first go to the circuit. Learn to drive a vehicle.

Instructors place great emphasis on passing certain exercises. Snake, flyover, U-turn, reversing into the garage, reversing parking.

After a certain amount of time, you must go to the city and learn how to navigate the city stream.

After that, an exam awaits you. If you pass the theoretical exam of the traffic police, then you can drive to the circuit, where you have to take the exam by car in 2 stages.

This is an exercise. Any task can get caught, so you need to be prepare for anything.

Departure to the city.

If you can do everything according to the rules, then you will successfully pass the exam. Very rarely do people manage to pass all the exams on the same day. You can continue to take exams further, without any prohibitions and restrictions on the number of attempts.

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