Everything You Need To Know About Infini Scar Treatment
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Everything You Need To Know About Infini Scar Treatment

With the aid of the cutting-edge INFINI gadget, patients may cure a variety of skin diseases while simultaneously benefiting from micro-needling and radiofrequency radiation.

The dermis of the skin receives heat energy from very tiny needles, which triggers the body’s natural healing processes and encourages the creation of collagen and elastin for firmer, younger-looking skin.

This cutting-edge fractional radiofrequency micro-needling procedure addresses several aging-related issues:

  • Sagging or loose skin
  • Laugh lines and slack neck skin
  • Changes in skin texture and tone
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Crepiness of the skin, particularly around the neck or décolleté
  • Scarring from acne and skin imperfections

What Makes This Procedure Distinct From Other Radiofrequency Therapies?

Infini scar treatment delivers radiofrequency radiation down into the lower skin, where it tightens the preexisting collagen and encourages the formation of new collagen using a panel of incredibly tiny gold-plated microneedles.

Older systems have restrictions on the precise quantity of energy that can be supplied to the desired location, the dermis, and must disperse heat energy via the top layer of the skin. The outcomes are more dependable and constant because the Infini delivers energy with greater precision.

How Does The Medication Feel?

This process makes use of several rapid, continuous energy pulses. It has the effect of heavily stomping on the skin.

Is Infini Painful?

For the greatest results, the technique takes a lot of energy, which some people may find unpleasant, especially on the face. The neck region is significantly more comfortable. To do this, the aesthetic medical clinic uses a potent topical anesthetic before every treatment, and we also employ various techniques to make the procedure more comfortable. During the pretreatment examination and consultation, we will go through this with you.

How Is The Recovery And Recovery Period Going?

After your treatment, you’ll be pink and slightly puffy, and this might persist for 24 to 36 hours. This may take a few more days to go away completely for some individuals, but cosmetics may easily cover it up.

There could also be a few little bruised spots, particularly on the delicate skin around the eyes. When the skin’s surface is recovering, the skin frequently feels a little rough, like sandpaper, for a week following the procedure.

The majority of people return to their regular activities the very following day wearing makeup, however, we wouldn’t advise having this treatment done just before a significant occasion.

How Many Sessions Will I Require?

Everything relies on the degree of pre-existing skin damage and sagging as well as the desired level of recovery. The majority of individuals need 3–4 sessions to see the effects. Each month, these procedures are carried out.

When Can I Anticipate The Results?

Results from the Infini treatment do not show up right away and can require time because it encourages your body to tighten collagen and produce new collagen growth. While the complete outcomes are visible six months after the last treatment, some patients will start to see improvements as soon as one month afterward. It may take comparing the before and after photographs to completely notice these improvements because they are frequently sluggish and modest.

Others may say that you “are appearing younger and more refreshed” as a result of this gradual process, but they are unable to point out any particular changes. In our opinion, these modest, organic modifications are preferable to certain techniques’ too dramatic, dramatic effects.

How Long Will My Outcomes Be Valid?

The effects of this technique are long-lasting, possibly lasting for years, as it stimulates the production of collagen by your biological processes. Nonetheless, to preserve continued collagen development and tightness, we advise an annual touch-up procedure. Although we can’t yet reverse the aging process, we continue to combat it every day.

How Long Do The Procedures Last?

Depending on the region being treated, the process might take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes after the one-hour topical numbing preparation. As long as you haven’t taken any medications like codeine that might make it difficult for you to drive, you can drive yourself to and from the therapy.

What Conditions Can I Treat?

The face, neck, decollete, or a combination of these are the most typical areas for this therapy, however, it is safe for any part of the body.

Insulated needles, variable needle depths, and fractional non-bulk heating guarantee that the skin’s outer layers are kept safely cool while coagulation takes place for optimal collagen stimulation. This enables the safest and most effective treatment of all skin types.

Can I Have This Therapy If My Skin Is Darker?

While many lasers are regarded as dangerous for darker skin types, this process avoids the top layer of the skin and is safe for all skin tones. With this therapy, there is no elevated risk of pigment-related problems. Regrettably, Infini does not assist in the treatment of any skin pigmentation issues, including melasma or sun spots.

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