Hire A Private Tutor To Help Your Child Excel In Primary School English
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Hire A Private Tutor To Help Your Child Excel In Primary School English

The national language of Singapore may not be English, but one cannot deny the importance of English in this nation. All the subjects in Singapore are taught in English, so each student needs to be well-versed in the language and the journey has to start from the Primary English.

Most of the students these days are exposed to broken English, which mainly comes from the people around them. So, in a time like this, it could be quite challenging to turn the students on the right path from the start of their education. Now, we all know that the best problem of any solution is to find preventive measures. And in this scenario, the best preventive measure is to hire an English tutor since K2 English.

Students who go to kindergarten and then primary school mainly communicate with their friends with a mixture of English and Singaporean native language. The best way to get out of this habit is to expose them to the correct English, which can only be achieved by engaging a private tutor.

Certain Misconceptions To Avoid Hiring A Private English Tutor

Hiring a private tutor at the early stages to strengthen your kid’s speaking and writing skills in English would be the best decision ever. But there are several myths and misconceptions that might make you rethink the decision of hiring an English tutor.

Let’s discuss 5 most common misconceptions,

Private Tutor Charges Expensive Amount

A lot of parents still believes or they have heard the rumors that hiring a private tutor is very expensive. Yes, you have to pay them monthly or weekly fees, but that doesn’t make them highly expensive. Even if you think about such things a few years ago, it was considerable, but now this is nothing but an ongoing rumor.

Today, it is not difficult to find a qualified tutor for English or any other subject, so the fees have lessened by a lot. But the rate of the tutor may vary according to the subjects they are teaching or their experience and the time they are giving your child. Still, the tutors in Singapore are easily affordable even for the average households.

A Private Tutor Has Less Experience Than The School Teacher

Another popular rumor is that the private tutors may not be as qualified as the school teachers. This is a misconception because most of the school teachers offer after-school private tuition. Apart from that, several tuition agencies in Singapore hires only the most skilled individuals for a subject. They know how to how to teach a primary school student and a secondary level student. They are well aware of preparing a student for the assignments, school work, and for their exams.

Only The Weak Students Take Private Tuitions

Most of the parents in Singapore don’t even think about hiring private tutors. The reason behind this is that their kids are already doing great in schools and getting good grades in all the subjects.

Your child might be good at studies, but getting one to one attention while preparing from schoolwork, assignments, and for certain subjects like English, will only sharpen their skills even further.

Tuitions Are Only Good For College Preparations

Some people believe that private tuition is only necessary at the higher stages of the study, like after the secondary level. But a will be much better at a subject if they start preparing for it at the earlier stages.

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