How to Start Your Career in Public Relations?
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How to Start Your Career in Public Relations?

Public Relation is a dynamic field. It keeps changing and is full of exposure. It is one of the best-paying careers and is also considered to be prestigious. It is a lucrative career option, and many companies consider it an essential aspect of their business. A company’s reputation depends on how the brand is seen in the market.

Before making a plunge in a career in Public Relations, students need to understand if it suits them. If there are doubts, then take assistance from industry professionals. Any profession and academic discipline is full of hurdles. It is for the students and professional to find a way out.

A Public Relations aspirant must keep the below points in mind:

  • Involves communication with audience and gatekeepers
  • Have a passion for communication and media
  • Have an interest in attending events, networking, planning, and strategising
  • Be an effective communicator
  • Have a pleasant personality
  • Good grasp on both the local and official language

Those who have an extrovert personality will be in a beneficial position. A quick thinker will easily make a mark in the industry, but there can be times when an individual will have to handle high pressure. For those who get intimidated by stressful situations, then the career is not suitable for them.

At the academic level, some students might not be able to understand the subject and might need to write my assignment.

A student needs to be creative and adept in copywriting and making content strategies. He or she must also havean idea about content marketing and design. Knowing about the technical aspect of the profession will also be very helpful.

A Public Relations professional needs to work on the following:

  • Media planning
  • Building a good reputation in the industry
  • Keep abreast with the latest happenings
  • Build a brand image
  • Represent the company or a brand

What is the remuneration drawn by a Public Relations professional?

Students are bothered about the monetary aspect and keep thinking about how much they will get to earn. According to some of the sources, an entry-level Public Relations professional will be able to earn a good package initially ( approximately ₹297,459 annually)

After gaining sufficient experience in the industry, the remuneration drawn can go higher by 30 to 40 percent.

Those who gain more than 10 years of experience can gather industry knowledge. They will also be able to work freelance if they wish to.

We highlight some of the significant aspects required to launch a career in Public Relations:

Choose the right education/course

It is suggested for students start early after they finish their class 12 grade examination. Students can go for a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism/ Mass Communications. Pursuing undergraduate education streams will support students in building their foundation. They will get an idea on subjects related to like:

1. Communications

2. Consumer behaviour

3. Media Theory

4. Digital advertising

A bachelor’s degree will help students understand the workings of the industry. They will be able to skill themselves in the right way.

The right Bachelor’s degree will help you develop a keen understanding of the industry and equip you with the skills needed to thrive in it.

Asking for help from peers is normal, and students should not shy away. In other subjects, also students freely ask for help. It can be marketing assignment help or any other stream-related subject.

Any skills learned when students are in the academic phase will help them bring optimum results in the future.

 It can be understanding diverse behaviours so that they can reasonably handle situations in their Public Relations career. 

Get hands-on experience

The Public Relations industry has grown immensely over a short span. The communication industry requires a lot of experience. But getting the correct exposure is essential to enter the industry. These days employers want candidates who can impress them with their theoretical knowledge.

Having ground experiences is very helpful, be it internships or apprenticeships. Employers are always impressed by someone who knows a bit about the industry. So, start interning when in college as it will help you apply the learnings.

Inner working knowledge of the industry will strengthen your profile and enhance your chances of recruitment.

  • Showcase your projects
  • Stand out from other candidates
  • Get a clarified perception
  • Know the duties and responsibilities of the job
  • Get positive attention from the employer
  • Improves chances of higher compensation

Build Your Professional Network

Public Relations is mostly about making the right connections in the industry. Start by joining groups related to the industry on professional/ social media platforms. It can be LinkedIn and Facebook, where students can make contacts and build connections. Keep a check on the professional posting, and know about the industry’s thought leaders and trendsetters.

Try and get valuable information from there. Be up-to-date on the latest news happening in and around you. Try to learn something new and cultivate fruitful relationships in the profession.

It is seen that LinkedIn’s job listings are trustworthy, and professionals from reputed organisations are there. Build new connections within the industry, and it is a good idea to reconnect with professors and peers in the industry contacts.

Keep a check on Social Media and be updated

One of the most essential requirements of a Public Relations professional is to stay updated. Keep a check on the news, current affairs, and trending online things. The profession is ever-evolving, and to remain relevant and make an impact, an individual needs to evolve. It helps a lot to be active on social media so that the latest trends can easily be captured. One can tap the competitiors easily this way.

The PR needs to be having knowledge of various aspects so they can address or highlight what eventually helps them in building a positive brand image or staying relevant in the industry.

 A good Public Relations officer must be able to handle any situation that might come on their way. Students can always ask for public relations assignment help if they find themselves stuck.

Students aspiring to start a career in Public Relations can go through the above blog to clarify their basics. Then, they must start learning from scratch to grab better work opportunities in the future. It is time to start and come out with blooming colours.

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