How to Use Gated Content to Produce Leads: 7 Steps  ?
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How to Use Gated Content to Produce Leads: 7 Steps  ?

Every form of online business thrives by creating helpful, informative, and high-quality content to solve the needs and desires of its target audience. The quality and manner of your content need to work on informing users on the web about your product or grade.  

From The Escape Game Nashville Tn ventures to popular fashion brands, curating efficient, catchy, and good-quality content is the key to bonding with customers. According to many recent surveys, designing and publishing good-quality content has remained the top priority of content marketers.  

Out of all the many ways to generate leads with your content, using gated content can be a viable method for your company. In this article, we have outlined the process of using gated content to produce leads in seven steps. So, check it out: 

Pick the right kind of content  

Gated content requires your audience to share their personal contact information to view the content. Hence, you must ensure that you offer your audience value in exchange for the personal data they share with your company. For this, you need to think and understand precisely what content your users may be looking for on the web.  

You can consider the following factors while picking the right kind of content: 

  • Understanding the traffic on your website/blog 
  • Analyzing the general behavior of your customers or audience  
  • Looking at and understanding the different competitor resources available  

Creating a catchy landing page  

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Working on and designing an attractive and catchy landing page can be a sure way to attract the attention of users and maybe to even trigger your sales! Start working with a good-quality page builder to create a relevant and appealing landing page for your business.  

After that, ensure you optimize it for relevant keywords and phrases and run an A/B test. It is also essential for you to ensure that you do not end up linking your page to any other ungated content since it will drive away your viewers. You must understand that using an informative and catchy landing page can help you trigger your sales effectively! 

Curating an attractive thank-you page  

The thank you page is where your audience will end up once they complete filling in their details on your form. Many brands fail to pay enough attention in designing the thank you page. Ensure that you avoid this common mistake and understand the thank you page as an integral part of your entire lead generation process.  

So, make it a point to invest your time and efforts in designing an equally appealing and attractive thank you page for your business. You also must ensure that users find a button to download their required content on the thank you page.  

Go beyond delivering your content in a pdf file 

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Usually, brands and companies provide their content in a pdf file to the required users. Though sharing content with your users in pdf files seems viable, keep in mind that you have more options than that. You can look up and find a whole series of formats to choose from while delivering your required content.  

Some of the other kinds of formats that you may use are: 

  • Mini-sites 
  • Video Series  
  • Exclusive communities  
  • Access to bygone webinars  

Fulfill your purpose with your content  

After making your viewers go through the entire process of filling up their contact details, you need to deliver the content they want to view. Failing to do so will inherently create a bad reputation for your brand in the minds of your audience.  

In this way, your business will lose the faith of your users and eagerly look forward to the required content. Hence, to solve your purpose by utilizing the vitality of gated content, ensure that you keep your end of the promise and deliver the necessary content.  

Nurturing and growing your leads  

You cannot stop all your work after only generating your leads. After that, you must remain in touch with your information and nurture your relationship. Holding onto your users is an essential step to generating more sales in the future.  

Your business can use tactics like email marketing or others to follow up and grow your leads. This way, prospective companies can efficiently develop and nurture their leads to generate sales successively.  

Analyze your success and reorganize your strategies when needed  

Working on gated content is different from working on any marketing strategy. Hence, for your business to benefit from gated content, you must devote time and effort to it. Experimenting with and trying out different techniques can help you in this process.  

You may rely on suitable analytics tools like Google Analytics, CRM, or others to understand the performance of your campaigns. After that, you can work on reorganizing your strategies and consequently improve your results.  

With these seven steps, you can now work on generating and using gated content to produce more leads for your brand than ever before. So, go ahead and try it out for your brand! 

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