How to use incense sticks holders?
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How to use incense sticks holders?

These instructions are only applicable to incense holders, such as wooden incense holders, that employ anti-burn mats in place of a hole for the incense sticks.

  • Lift the lid up to open while holding it firmly from both sides. Magnets bind the base and lid together.
  • Place the incense stick on the black anti-burn mat after burning it. The incense stick cannot be inserted since there are no holes. Just set the incense stick on the burn-resistant mat. The mat was made specifically to neither burn or heat up.
  • Put the lid on. Reassemble the lid by joining the magnets on one side at a time. Closing the cover while the incense stick is burning is entirely safe.
  • Place the incense stick on the black anti-burn mat after burning it. The incense stick cannot be inserted since there are no holes. 
  • Just set the incense stick on the burn-resistant mat. The mat was made specifically to neither burn or heat up.

Keep in mind this advice:

A black anti-burn pad should be the only thing the incense stick touches; the wood itself should not be.

  • The incense lavender stick should NOT be placed directly on the wood after removing the anti-burn pad. Instead, retain the black mat—made of a substance similar to felt—in the box and set the incense stick on it.
  • When put on the mat without contacting any portion of the wood, the incense stick should continue to burn without any problems.
  • The burning incense stick may move about if the incense holder is moved often while the stick is burning, causing it to hit the wood and burn out.
  • If you do decide to change the holder, make sure to do so carefully to prevent the incense stick from slipping off the mat and contacting the wooden edges.
  • After setting the incense stick on the mat to burn, you may close the lid and let it do so.
  • Once the incense stick has finished burning, remove the anti-burn pad and sweep the ash into a trash can or bag. DO NOT use tissues or water. To remove the ash, just use your hands.
  • After burning the incense stick, it’s usual to see markings on the anti-burn mat.

Safety instructions for using incense stick holders 

  • When the incense stick is burning, keep kids away. Burns pose a major threat.
  • Keep the incense holder up and away from other items that might easily catch fire when the incense stick is burning.
  • The lid may be shut while the incense stick is burning without having any negative effects. This will guarantee that nothing else will burn if the incense holder were to collapse.
  • NEVER leave incense sticks burning unattended.

From the east to the west, incense has been used for religious events for ages. It may be a terrific way to unwind and relax after a long day or to provide a calming mood for yoga or meditation sessions. Additionally, you may use it to smell your house or workplace. But how do you properly ignite and utilize Incense Sticks Holders?

This article is for you, then! We’ll go through the fundamentals of utilizing incense sticks in this post so you can start reaping their advantages at home. In addition, we offer some advice on how to make the most of them.

Step 1: Determine which incense stick best suits your requirements.

Any place may benefit from a subtle aroma boost thanks to incense. But not all incense is made equally. It’s crucial to select the ideal incense for your requirements because there are several varieties available.

Step 2: Locate a suitable location to burn the incense stick.

Make sure the space is well-ventilated and devoid of anything combustible. Avoid burning incense in close proximity to anything that the smoke can harm. Burning incense creates heat and smoke. Additionally, be careful to keep dogs and children away from incense.

Step 3. Light the incense sticks.

Incense lavender  sticks may be lit in two ways: by burning them directly in a flame or by using an incense burner. Light the end of the incense stick and let it burn for a few seconds to burn it directly. Afterward, extinguish the flame and leave the stick to smolder. Because the smoke might be heavy, make careful to keep the space well-ventilated.

If you’d like to use an incense burner, put some sand or ash in it before setting the incense stick on top of it. Because certain burners call for particular incense sticks, be careful to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Step 4: Keep the incense burning and take pleasure in the aroma!

Enjoy the benefits and scent now. Typically, a stick will burn for 25 to 40 minutes, depending on the length and thickness of the stick. The scent may contribute to a calming environment and have certain health advantages. Thus, calm down by taking a few deep breaths. To prevent dampness or mold growth, keep your sticks correctly. This may result in the incense stick snuffing out, a bad scent, or excessive smoke.

Step 5: Light a stick of incense.

It’s crucial to properly extinguish an incense stick once you’ve finished using it. Here are a few strategies for doing that: Place the incense stick in a coal holder if you have one, and let the coal put it out. Without a coal holder, you may either place the incense stick over a non-flammable surface, such as a sink or countertop, and let it burn out, or you can pinch the ember off the end of the stick and throw the ash into a trash can.


An excellent approach to benefit from aromatherapy and elevate your mood is by burning incense sticks. They offer spiritual advantages as well. However, improper incense stick use may result in health issues. The procedures you must follow to utilize Incense Lavender sticks safely and successfully are laid forth in this page. Please share your thoughts on this traditional method and whether you intend to give it a try.

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