Instagram Web Viewer And Improved Version Of Instagram
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Instagram Web Viewer And Improved Version Of Instagram

What Is An Instagram Web Viewer?

Web-based versions are broad in scope and have more of a GUI (graphical user interface) when compared to the app. It’s accessible on mobile or desktop. The Instagram web viewer can help you increase your profile’s visibility by offering information regarding your accounts, such as the number of people who have visited your profile, who are following you, and more. Additionally, it provides information from Instagram using various filters, such as the most popular pictures, locations, users, and more. Pikdo and Picuki were created with the idea of creating a website equivalent to Instagram. Other platforms offer similar experiences on the web, such as Greatfon, Dumpor, and more.

How Does Pikdo Work?

It’s an interactive web-based application with which you can sign in to your Instagram account and enjoy an online experience that includes all of the features available on Instagram. Instagram App. Once logged in, you can view videos and images of yourself or your friends. When you go down, you’ll be able to view each image one at a time, and you will also be able to view details about the caption when hovering over the image. When you click through the page, you can share the content to various social media platforms, including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and more. If you’d like to access Instagram without signing in with an account password, it is also possible with Pikdo, i.e., You can browse Instagram content anonymously.

Is Pikdo Safe To Use?

It allows you to browse both ways, that is, either anonymously or via login, and anonymously, you can test the latter method of browsing. Hence, using it doesn’t have to provide any information, and it’s safe. Although it allows you to access all possible content on Instagram without permission from the person using it, the service only gives its user information to people (no news was reported today).

What Is The Need For Anonymity?

Pikdo allows anonymous browsing on Instagram. There could be many reasons behind this; for instance, someone with more authority, such as an influencer in the public realm, would like to follow someone without letting them know they are being followed. Additionally, a manager in the office would like to know the Instagram account of an employee to see if they’re making posts that are damaging the company’s image. In addition, there might be other motives behind this.

How To Use Pikdo?

It’s easy to make use of Pikdo. All it needs is login credentials for Instagram. Beyond credentials, it needs some understanding of the interface for users on the web to be simple for a user to navigate using the Pikdo web interface. Various terms like Instagram include tags, images, posts, videos, tags, and more. Therefore, nothing exclusive offered in Pikdo could cause issues when operating.

Enhance Instagram Growth Via Pikdo

If your Instagram profile needs more attention and is going downward in likes or views, Pikdo could be an aid. To increase your Instagram profile’s popularity, You can use Pikdo. It helps you analyze the Instagram profile’s strength and use it; you can generate new ways to enhance the quality of your Instagram profile. It gives results similar to the most frequently used filters and hashtags, check-ins generated by the profile, etc.

What Happened To Pikdo?

Pikdo has been shut down since it was threatened with legal action by Facebook in 2020. The primary reason for incarcerating websites is their breach of privacy online. Additionally, these websites utilized images, videos, and so on, allowing these downloads as an offense. Facebook says they have been monitoring these websites since 2019 and attempted to guard against all of these fake websites. To achieve this, they needed to block 30000 fake Instagram accounts.

Alternative Of Pikdo

While Pikdo is an effective method to measure various metrics for Instagram and other platforms, it also offers the ability to monitor and confirm the growth of Instagram’s profile and more. However, it was used to conduct illegal activities and was, consequently, banned. In the case of the fan club Pikdo, the fans are waiting for Pikdo to resume. In the meantime, fans can take advantage of the top options on this site, such as:

i) Yooying  It’s the ideal option to learn about the latest trends on Instagram. Additionally, it offers different hashtags with which you can find different posts depending on your choice.

ii) Ingram

It’s also a website similar to Instagram GUI (Graphical User Interface). To use this website, signing up or logging in is optional; all you need to do is go through the top-rated content as Instagram GUI.

Iii) Piknu

It is believed to be the easiest and fast web portal. It is also akin to Instagram. While it was once active, it has been removed by Google and is not a result of any Google searches. It disappeared strangely.

Iv) Instagram

It’s also an alternative to Pikdo. Here you can look up Instagram’s most famous users, hashtags, videos, and more. The website is simple to navigate. It also permits downloading and offline availability of content to alter and create the method to boost your Instagram profile.


Pikdo is a renowned website that handles Instagram posts, hashtags, videos, and more. However, due to a violation of privacy, the site has been shut down and is now not accessible. If you still want to use this web-based portal, choose the suggested sites or the alternative of Pikdo.

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