Is ‘Check Before You Join’ Applicable to Companies?
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Is ‘Check Before You Join’ Applicable to Companies?

It’s perfectly acceptable and up to you to investigate the workplace culture of your new employer, but it’s always a good idea to do so for future reference. During an interview, you are not the only one being evaluated; you are also evaluating the firm. You should be aware that you can ask the recruiters about the company’s objective and vision, look at the chain of command involved, and learn more about their typical days at work.

Checking out your new company’s work culture is completely normal and up to you, but it’s always advisable to do so for further reference in the future. When an interview is ongoing, it’s not only you getting evaluated, but the company being evaluated by you too. Know that you can ask the recruiters about the company’s mission and vision, take a look at the chain of command in the process, and what their daily routine looks like in that workspace. 

Finding the right job can be a hassle, but a job seeker should always find what fits his/her style. But with the right job also comes the organization and the people that work within it. The next important step would be to know the company profile beforehand. There are different ways you can do so:

  1. By doing simple background research on what the company is, its vision and mission etc.
  2. If possible ask the former employees about their experience within the company and focus on only the parts which would help you. 
  3. You can also try and ask the employees which are working at present, to know what’s their status. 
  4. If you have any mentors, take advice from them too. 
  • Background Check

Here you can go to the company website, read about it and get to know about the co-founders and main staff. You can also go to job platforms such as JollyHires and LinkedIn to know more about the practicality of the company. You can review their posts, their content etc. On how the company has built its persona. 

  • Former Experiences

You might bump into former employees of the company on the internet or somewhere in a public place. Or it might even turn out that someone you know well might be a former employee. It’s important to listen to what they have to say about the work culture and weigh the pros and cons accordingly.

  • Present Experiences

There’s also a possibility that you find some of your friends or family or acquaintances working there presently in the company, try asking them how the atmosphere is. Ask about the consequences that they face within the organization. 

  • Mentors and Advisors

It’s good that you form an opinion on your own, but it’s better when you take a piece of advice from a mentor or someone more experienced. This way they’ll be able to match up with the company and understand the culture in a more elaborated way, because of their experience within the field. 

But why is knowing the Work Culture important? 

Knowing a culture will help you in knowing how you’re going to spend your days within the company. With every company, comes good and bad. There are going to be tough days and happy days, and knowing the atmosphere will let you decide how many of these difficulties will you be able to handle or how will you cope with the company’s speed and others. If you didn’t know, a company’s culture has a strong impact on its employees’ personalities. So believe it or not, it shows in you about your workplace. 

Looking at pain points is also a job seeker’s priority. The pain points are the core element, they show you how the association works through it and what are their takes on the issues they’ve cleared. It’s probably a good step to also read about the problems and difficulties from the news or websites, that they’ve successfully overcome. That way you know how to work when it’s your chance to prove yourself in front of your colleagues. 

And last but not least, there’s always social media to connect through. Access the social media handles provided and see how their profile is executed, and how they want their personality to sound and be like in front of the world. Social Media also gives out a vast public opinion on any and everything, so you come to know what the non-employees and their audience think about them. 

That’s some of our tips on how you can sniff out a company’s culture before you get on board, and be on the lookout for more such recruitment and corporate content. Want to know more about the corporate world? Signup at JollyHires to read on. This is just the tip of the iceberg! 

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