Is Lightspeed the Only Best POS for your Jewelry Repair Store?
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Is Lightspeed the Only Best POS for your Jewelry Repair Store?

Jewelry repair is one of the unique businesses that are highly in demand and offer several growth opportunities for freshers and gemstone lovers. One can make enough profit by repairing jewelry as the customers will willingly pay any price to get their necklaces, earrings, and pendants fixed by a professional. 

However, a jewelry repair store has much to manage, from inventory to customers, to cash flow. And for that, one cannot rely on manual methods and procedures and must use software for repair shop that can seamlessly organize everything. 

And for most business owners, Lightspeed is the 1st name that comes to mind whenever they think about employing such a POS system. But is this the only option, or are there other alternatives that you can use instead of Lightspeed?

In this post, we are going to highlight some of the pros and cons of using Lightspeed, the issues that users complain about, and let you know the best alternatives to the software. Below are the details. 

Customer Support

Customers are the ones that can make or break any business. And being a service provider, a company’s sole focus should be providing its users and customers with what they want. But, unfortunately, Lightspeed users are not satisfied with its customer service and find it terrible.

Although their representatives are available 24/7, they can still not sort out the issues. As a result, the users get annoyed and look for other jewelry repair shop software with a much better customer support team that can efficiently streamline the ongoing processes. 

Customization Options

Among several available POS software, Lightspeed is the one that does not provide you with customization features. According to the customer support team, users can customize reports; however, that’s not the case in reality. On the other hand, software such as RepairDesk, and Cybex Enterprise Retail Suite, offers various customization options as required by your business.

Pricing Plan

The pricing plan can be a deciding factor for anyone to choose if they are going to employ that point of sales software or not. It includes maintenance, subscription, training, and support charges. Repair shop owners use these systems as they can help them make their business more cost-focused and save time that they can spend advertising their jewelry repair services. 

However, if the software is pricier than the competitors and still lacks several things, it is better to look for other options. And talking about Lightspeed, its monthly subscription starts from 169 USD / month for standard and 249 / month for advanced.

The price tag is a lot higher compared to what other software is offering with the same features and services. Also, Lightspeed charges 50$ extra to provide features, including retail and sales data analytics. 

A business owner would want jewelry repair shop software with maximum features and reasonable pricing. This is, again, another drawback of Lightspeed. On the other hand, the competitors like RepairDesk’s POS monthly subscription start at $75/store per month, with unlimited invoices, tickets, and customers. Additionally, it offers four employee accounts in the same package. 

What Must Good Jewelry Repair POS Software have?

Jewelry repair software is used in the shops to manage, organize, and streamline all the processes and help owners and staff members save time. Below are some features you should look for before picking any software for your jewelry repair lab. 

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is one of the key challenges one faces while running a jewelry repair business, as one must manage several small repair parts and accessories such as gemstones, rings, beads, etc. And only an efficient system can do the job perfectly. 

Also, always look for customer reviews and comments before picking any jewelry repair shop software to get a better idea of its pros and cons and whether it is worth employing. 

Employ Management  

It would be excellent if the software you are planning to use had employee management features. For instance, it can monitor their check-in and check-out schedule to calculate their total working hours, making it easier for you to process their payroll. 


Marketing is vital to make any business succeed. So, while choosing a POS software for your jewelry repair shop, ensure that it can send promotional messages and emails to your customers, letting them know what you offer at your outlets. 

Is there any Alternative to Lightspeed?

Lightspeed is software that repair store owners prefer to employ due to its features and credibility in the market. However, poor customer support, overpriced subscriptions, and lack of customization options are its biggest turn-offs for the customers. 

And as RepairDesk provides all the features at an affordable price, and its customer support service is also the best in the competition, it can be the perfect option for your jewelry repair store. 

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post.

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