Keeping Sansevieria Plants In Your Home Present Multiple Benefits
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Keeping Sansevieria Plants In Your Home Present Multiple Benefits

In recent years succulents have gotten to be one of the cool accessories in home décor since they have an exotic appearance yet are, ultra-easy to grow. One retro succulent enjoying resurgence in popularity is Sansevieria, very commonly dubbed snake plant due to its long, sinuous foliage.

Not only are the Sansevieria plants for sale one of the succulents that don’t require a sunny windowsill to thrive; these species are also one of the fantastic houseplants for improving indoor air quality.

More Varieties Available

It is a fact that when sansevierias started their climb up the popularity polls, new varieties started emerging. When it comes to care they are all bulletproof. Nowadays, there are more varieties available than ever before, from short and cylindrical to tall and elegant; along with many hued eaves displaying streaks of silver, gray, yellow, or white.

Once you get a taste of the versatility of these hardy and adaptable houseplants, you’ll want to set up no less than one in about every room of your home.

  • Light Requirements: Easily thrives in all conditions from bright light to dimly lit corners. Don’t put them in direct sunlight, which can scorch the leaves. An east or west-facing window is best suitable.
  • Foliage: The lone visible part of Sansevieria plants for sale are their leathery, sharply pointed leaves, which typically have a multicolored pattern that looks exactly like the coloring of an exotic snake. Typically, the foliage is tall and straight-up, but there are available midget Bird’s Nest Sansevieria variety that form a rosette shaped like a bird’s nest. The foliage is basically flat or a bit concave; however, you will also come across some interesting cultivars with twisted and tubular leaves.
  • Flowers: When grown indoors, they will rarely flower. However, a mature plant may astound you by sending up a slender prop of miniature lily-like flowers. The flowers are mostly white or pale pink and uber fragrant. Majority of, the plants will go several years between bloom cycles.

On top of providing some ambiance, Sansevieria plants have several health benefits such as:

  • Filter indoor air- Like all other home succulents Sansevieria plants for sale allow for filtering indoor air. What’s interesting about this specific plant is that it’s one of the rare species that can convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen at night. This characteristic makes it a made to order plant for bedroom decor, because it can allow for regulating healthy airflow.
  • Mental health booster-Although the benefits of indoor plants on mental health still call for further scientific probe, the idea that plants play a positive role is well established, as per many research studies. Horticultural therapy is also applied in mental health treatment owing to its therapeutic effects. Indoor plants like Sansevieria can be added to workplaces, schools, and healthcare facilities as an economical and no risk way to improve these environments.

The Final Word

The best thing about Sansevieriais that this plant species is so easy to care for!

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