Key Sake Terms and Types That Every Buyer Must Know
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Key Sake Terms and Types That Every Buyer Must Know

Wine is a popular beverage that has multiple variations in today’s marketplace. However, people still look for new beverages that come with better taste and fragrance. Instead of wine, you can try Japanese sake, which is a popular and traditional Japanese drink. Sake is often compared with wine, though it is not a substitute for wine.

Japanese sake is a unique beverage that comes in different flavours. Moreover, it tastes unique, which is the reason behind its global popularity. So, you should know a few crucial things before you purchase Juyondai Sake Singapore. In the following section, you can get a detailed guide to enjoying Japanese sake.

Key Terms to Know

Sake enthusiasts should understand and know a few key terms before buying a bottle of sake. Knowing these terms is important to purchase the right product. Moreover, it will help you understand the different aspects of this unique Japanese beverage. So, what are those key terms that you must learn? Find a guide to those terms below.

  • Polishing: Polishing rice is one of the crucial steps in a sake-making process. The polishing helps remove the outer layer of rice and expose the starchy core. The taste and price of sake may vary depending on the polishing precision and techniques. Extensive polishing creates more sophisticated sake.
  • Junmai: Sake lovers often hear the term Junmai, which means pure rice. The traditional method of preparing sake is boiling pure rice, yeast, water, and koji. The traditional method does not add any additives or alcohol to the beverage. Therefore, you should purchase sakes with a junmai tag for a classic and authentic taste.

How Can You Judge Sake’s Quality?

From the above two terms, you may have perceived that those terms are crucial to judging sake’s quality. Most beginners indeed consider these terms crucial in picking sake from the marketplace. However, polishing does not mean everything, as sake’s quality may vary depending on the rice’s quality. Good-quality rice will fetch a better taste and fragrance.

On the other hand, sake’s purity is crucial, though impurity does not mean anything bad in this regard. Various additives have been added to improve the sake’s taste. Moreover, adding alcohol to the sake makes it more enjoyable for certain people. Therefore, quality is relative, and you will find many options to suit your preferences.

Types of Sake

Japanese sake is available in different types because of the ingredients used for preparing them. The most traditional sake is junmai, which is available in all leading sake stores. However, people also like to purchase the other types to try different flavours.

For example, Honzojo is popular Japanese sake that contains rice that undergoes 70% polishing. Besides the four main sake ingredients, this beverage contains a small amount of distilled alcohol. The alcohol’s presence increases smooth of the drink and enhances its aroma.

You can find many other types of sakes in the stores available at different prices. The Art of Sake is a leading online store for selling Juyondai Sake Singapore. You will find different sakes at this web store and purchase a product sitting in your home or office.

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