My Arlo Camera Won’t Sync to Base Station. Help!
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My Arlo Camera Won’t Sync to Base Station. Help!

Many occasions have been noticed where the Arlo camera fails to synch with a SmartHub or a Base Station. It happens when the user is trying to complete the Arlo camera setup or is adding a camera to enhance further security. In case you’ve also become a victim of the same problem, then we suggest you ensure that you have completed the prerequisites for the proper execution of the setup process. You also need to verify the camera and SmartHub compatibility. In case you are still getting troubled, you can rely on the troubleshooting techniques mentioned below.

Solutions: Arlo Camera Won’t Sync to Base Station

I. Check the Status of Your Arlo Device

You are supposed to add your Base Station or SmartHub to the Arlo system before attempting to sync them. In case you’ve not done it yet, you must do the honors right away. The Arlo Secure application can help you with the same. Thus, launch it and select the option labeled “Add New Device”. Thereafter, select Base Station/Hub and walk through the on-screen prompts. However, your Base Station or SmartHub needs to be online throughout the process. Otherwise, it will not sync.

II. Verify the Camera Battery Status

If your Arlo camera is running out of battery, then it won’t sync with the SmartHub or Base Station. Therefore, you need to verify the same by looking at the LED located on your security camera. In case it is noticed flashing the color amber, the battery is low and you need to charge it as soon as possible. Therefore, try charging the security camera for at least half an hour and try to re-sync the camera and the Base Station. Any luck? No? Move to the next hack in that case.

III. Sync Your Devices Correctly

There are chances that you have not synced your Arlo camera and the Base Station properly. You must know that only one camera can be synced at a time. Apart from this, you need to select the option labeled “Add the Camera to Base Station or Arlo SmartHub”. If you choose the “Connect Without SmartHub” option, the camera will establish a connection with the WiFi router during the Arlo setup process. In other words, it will surpass the SmartHub or Base Station.

Note: If you’ve already connected your security camera to the router and want to sync it with the SmartHub or Base Station now, you need to disengage the router-camera connection. It can be done via the Arlo Secure app.

IV. Factory Reset Your Camera

Tried every hack mentioned above but were still unable to sync your Arlo camera to the Base Station, then you are left with the ultimate technique only. In simple words, you are required to factory reset the Arlo camera. To go about the process, you need to push the Sync button on your security camera for at least 20 seconds. Thereafter, attempt to sync your Arlo devices once again. In case you’re still failing, consider resetting your Base Station or SmartHub. You will surely be successful.

The Final Thoughts

With the last hack of performing a factory default reset on the Arlo security camera, we’re now ending the post that aimed to fix the camera’s syncing issue with the Base Station. We expect that after resetting the camera you will be able to get the problem fixed easily. However, if you opt to reset your Base Station or SmartHub, then know that all devices paired with it need to be reset and re-added to your Arlo account via the mobile app. It means you will have to re-execute the installation process for all your Arlo devices (SmartHub, camera, and doorbell).

If this article has helped you resolve the issue, then feel free to leave a word of appreciation in the comment section. Thanks for giving your valuable time!

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