The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Sathabhishekam Ceremony
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The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Sathabhishekam Ceremony

The Sathabhishekam ceremony is performed for the couple who turned 80 or we can say they enter the 81st year of their life. It is also known as the 80th birthday pooja which is generally arranged by the children, in-laws or family members. 

The Sathabhishekam ceremony is celebrated by the family members gathering to celebrate the joyous moment that the man of the family has completed 80 years of his life and enters 81. It is celebrated by carrying out the Ayul Shanthi Homam Kalasa abhishekam accompanied by exchanging the flower garland.

This abhishekam is also known as Ayul shanthi homam as it is organized to improve the couple’s life durability and to provide them with a healthy and sound life. The man is said to have crossed 1000 full moons in their lifetime and now they begin to enhance the spirituality in their life.

The couple’s family, relatives and friends gathered at a place or at a holy place like a temple in order to witness the sacred ceremony. This ceremony is contemplated as a very significant one. 

Importance of Sathabhishekam Ceremony

When a person turns 80 it means that he has been through 1000 full moons throughout his life up till now and now the couple is on the spiritual path. To pray for their long life and healthy life this homam is conducted. It is believed that they are set on a journey that has three generations.

Sathabhishekam ceremony is performed to increase the couple’s spirituality and to help them achieve moksha through the blessings of god. It is believed that performing this ceremony alone will remove all the sins and bad karma which are most likely to affect them, their children or the next generations, after this ceremony it will not affect any of them.

How to perform Sathabhishekam Ceremony

Sathabhishekam ceremony consists of 9 homam and these are Ganpathi, lakshmi amrutha, mrityunjeyar, ayush, dhanvantari and kalasabhishekam and the family god pooja. After the completion of this ceremony, the couples are treated as lord shiva and goddess parvati and they bless everyone there witnessing the event. 


In order to perform sathabhishekam the couple needs to turn 80 and enter in 81 years. It means they successfully completed the 80 years of their lives. The family members of the very couple organize by combining ayu shanthi homam with kalash sthapana for the longevity of their healthy life.

The couples exchange the flower garland in order to get the blessings of god.

To start, the sathabhishekam ceremony starts with worshiping of griha devta of ganpati, lakshmi narayan, shiv and parvati. They even perform poojas for their ishta devatas, the one they worship the most.

Mandatory to take vows such as sankalpam, punyaha vachanam, kalasha sthapanam, ganapati pooja, devatarchana, homam, and they also ask others present at the event to get blessings of god.

Additional poojas can also be conducted as advised by the priest and should be carried out the same way the priest described.

Advantages of Sathabhishekam ceremony

  1. This ceremony helps the couple to get the blessings of god which will make them lead a healthy and long life and also increase the couple’s spirituality.
  2. Sathabhishekam is beneficial to remove all the ill effects of the bad karma and sins that are most likely to affect the couple or their children or grandchildren. 
  3. It is performed to showcase the journey of the couples as they have witnessed the three generations.
  4. Sathabhishekam ceremony also indicates the successful journey of togetherness of the couple as they have entered their 81st year.

When to perform sathabhishekam ceremony 

It is generally performed when the person has completed his/ her 80th year and enters to witness a whole new genre at 81. But it can be performed even on the completion of the 70th birthday and also after the completion of the 60th birthday.

Sathabhishekam ceremony indicates a very crucial point which is togetherness as it is conducted by the family members or the relatives of the couple which brings all the relatives, family and friends together to enjoy the joyous occasion and to bless the couple on their successful completion of so many years of togetherness.

Sathabhishekam is generally performed according to the nakshatra birthday of Tamil month. This ceremony itself comes from this prestigious state of religion and tradition.


Sathabhishekam ceremony is basically celebrated to indicate the togetherness of the couples over 80th years of their lives. It brings all the people together which itself shows the importance of this ceremony. Basically, it is organized by family and friends of the couple. It is done to make the god happy and to bless the couple even with a long life and healthy one. FYI: Pandit for Purusha Sukta Homam also can be booked from 99pandit. For more information about sathabhishekam go through 99 pandit sites and you also book a pandit over there which are both professional and experienced. 

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