Step By Step Sonic Drawing For Kids | Drawing Tutorial
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Step By Step Sonic Drawing For Kids | Drawing Tutorial

Drawing For Kids is incredibly popular and has been featured in several video games and even a successful live-action movie.

Sonic Kids Drawing

He usually has a blue appearance but can change into the fearsome Super Sonic with certain powerups. This is the most well-known incarnation of the character, so many fans like learning how to sketch Super Sonic in this style.

This guide has everything fans of this figure could need to create some amazing artwork! Get set for some high-speed drawing fun as we begin this Drawing For Kids tutorial on how to draw Super Sonic in just 6 easy steps!

Let’s Start Drawing Super Sonic and See What Happens!


  • As stated at the start of this tutorial on how to draw Super Sonic, Sonic is depicted in his powered-up form in this illustration of Super Sonic that we will be working on.
  • There are a few minor visual variations between his regular appearance and when he transforms into Super Sonic.
  • The most noticeable modification is that he changes the gold, but there are other subtle variations, such as the quills’ new upward-facing orientation.
  • After drawing the round but pointed eyes, add rounded lines for the mouth and muzzle.
  • Use some more rounded lines with pointed tips for the large quills at the back of his skull. If you’d rather display Sonic in his typical shape, incline them downward.


  • Now, sketch his midsection and arm.
  • The first limb and chest will be the last elements we add to this Super Sonic illustration.
  • Create an oval under his cranium by starting with his chest and enclosing it with curved lines. There will also be some sizable pointed sections sticking out from his back.
  • Add his gloved hand extending from the end of his long, slender arm. The third step of this guide will then be ready for you.


  • Draw Super Sonic’s legs in step 3.
  • In the drawing of Super Sonic in this tutorial, he is in the position of leaping joyously through the air.
  • To further clarify the pose, we will include his legs in the third step of this guide. Curvy lines can be used to show how high the left limb is.
  • His large shoe will be at the extremity of the right thigh’s straighter, the downward-extending leg.
  • The shoe can then be drawn over the bent left leg. Finish off by drawing his little, pointy tail at his back. We can then continue to add to this picture in the fourth stage of the guide.


  • Next, raise a hand in honour of Super Sonic.
  • We’re adding the drawing’s finishing touches and details in these final phases.
  • We’ll stick to the script in this chapter, which is a fourth of the book. All you have to do is clench your left palm into a fist. Use curved lines to depict his clenched palm with the thumb folded over.
  • Once this first is added to the book, you will be ready for the last few details and components!


  • Add the final elements to your Super Sonic drawing to complete it.
  • You have finished sketching the entire outline for this illustration, so in this part of our guide to drawing Super Sonic, we’ll focus on some of the smaller details.
  • His head, torso, and limbs will all have many tiny curved lines added to them to accomplish this. These lines will add to the shading of the picture and give it more depth.
  • You can then include some distinct details and finishing touches after these components.
  • This is the time to let your imagination run wild because the objective is to build the Super Sonic image of your dreams.
  • To achieve this, you might add elements like extra Sonic characters or a background made of your favourite Super Sonic moments and scenarios.
  • What other ideas do you have to finish this picture?


  • To finish off this Super Sonic sketch, apply some colour! The colour is the main difference between this character’s appearance and Sonic’s normal appearance.
  • As seen in our reference image, Super Sonic is coloured in vibrant golds and yellows as opposed to the blues of his standard version.
  • To add contrast, he also has red shoes and eyes.
  • You can draw Super Sonic using these hues, but colour him blue if you’d rather show him as he originally appeared.
  • Which colours and mediums will you choose for the finished painting?

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