Ten things you should pack for your chemotherapy infusion treatment
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Ten things you should pack for your chemotherapy infusion treatment

At almost all the best cancer hospitals in Delhi, chemotherapy is a common treatment for cancer. Most doctors prefer chemotherapy because it has minimal side effects like dehydration, loss of body fat, and so on. In chemotherapy, a chemical is inserted into the vein through infusion. This chemical attacks the cancerous cells and prevents them from reproducing.

It might take time for the chemo treatment to work and produce effective results. When you walk into the hospital for chemotherapy, you may need to stay admitted for a couple of days, during which you will be given chemotherapy at frequent intervals. So, you must pack everything you might require during the treatment.

Water bottle or anything else to drink

Carry a water bottle and something healthy to drink. Do not choose carbonated and sugary drinks that are available in preserved form. Instead, carry water, fresh fruit juice, soup, and so on. If your body is dehydrated, the injected chemicals will not work optimally, and you will feel extremely tired.

Layered clothes

Most people feel cold and have tremors after finishing the chemo infusion treatment. Carry a few pairs of layered clothes, like a jacket or coat, gloves, socks, and so on. These will keep you warm and comfortable.

Comfortable shoes

Instead of using the slippers provided by the hospital, you can carry your slippers. This way, you will feel more comfortable and not out of place. Aside from that, you will be able to move around without having to wait for someone to help you.

Blanket and pillows

You need to be as comfortable as possible, so get the blankets and pillows. The best cancer hospitals in Delhi usually provide blankets and pillows, but they may not be to your liking.  

Books to read

If you don’t like watching TV or listening to music all the time, get something to read. For instance, you can carry a few magazines or books. You can catch up on your reading during your chemo sessions.

Healthy snacks and something to munch on

You will need something to eat, even if you get admitted to one of the best cancer hospitals in Delhi. Try not to have anything too oily, fatty, or unhealthy. Instead, go for fresh fruits, salads, boiled vegetables, etc. It will keep you full for a long time and ensure your body receives proper nutrition.

Lip balm

Most people suffer from dry and chapped lips after chemotherapy due to excessive water loss. So, remember to carry the lip balm that you usually use. But since you are getting a complicated treatment, try to use a natural and organic lip balm so that the chemicals won’t mess with the treatment.

Something entertaining

You need to carry something as an entertainment source to avoid getting bored. So, take your earphones, iPod, or laptop to enjoy watching your favorite movies or listening to your favorite tunes. These activities will trigger your brain into thinking that you are leading a normal lifestyle, further lowering your apprehensions.

Notebook and pen

You may carry a notebook and a pen during your chemotherapy sessions. It is because you might have to write down the notes from the doctor, the next chemotherapy date, or things like that. Since you will have limited access to your mobile phone, you can note the essential things in the notebook.

A motivational source of hope

Last, you must have a source of hope and motivation. Battling cancer, going through the difficult phase of chemotherapy, and anticipating not getting better can lower your esteem and put you in a stage where you won’t be able to think positively. If you do not have that strength, succeeding in cancer treatment is next to impossible. That is why you always carry something that will give you hope to fight and conquer the disease.


Since we have discussed the ten most important things you must bring to your chemo infusion treatment, it is time you find the best cancer hospitals in Delhi where you can go for the procedure. You must choose a hospital with the best cancer specialists and support staff. Apart from this, you must also check the infrastructure and the facilities available before selecting the hospital.

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