Adding chat to your video conferencing sessions is a great way to increase the productivity of the call. However, if you’re not careful, side chats can become distracting and take away from the focus of the conversation.

Video conferencing also lets you connect more personally with your clients and customers. This is essential for improving customer satisfaction and building trust.

It’s More Efficient

Adding chat to your video conferences can be a great way to enhance the experience for both your team and your customers. Many different ways adding chat to your meetings can help make them more productive and effective. Video conferencing can improve collaboration and boost productivity by eliminating travel and reducing the number of times employees leave their offices to meet with clients or colleagues. Unlike audio or text conference calls, attendees are less likely to zone out and perform other tasks in a video meeting. The main reason is that they are more than passively listening because they can see and hear each other. This helps them stay more engaged and on track with the discussions.

It’s More Personalized

The customer experience is vital to any business, and video call attendees are no exception. Whether you’re giving product demos or conducting virtual appointments, video enables you to customize the experience for each customer. You can tailor the questions to fit their needs and preferences and give them more time to prepare for the call. Many businesses are consulting experts like for a more personalized experience for their client conferences.

It’s More Inclusive

Whether you’re dealing with students who have anxiety or English language learners, incorporating chat into your video conferences can be a great way for them to participate in the conversation without feeling like they are being excluded. The chat feature can be utilized to ask comprehension questions or take quick polls, and you can even encourage them to help each other out if they don’t know where to find a certain link or page.

It’s More Traceable

Another useful feature that a lot of video conferencing tools offer is chat history. This lets participants view and save all the documents and comments they’ve made in real time during a video call. This can be a huge timesaver for participants who might forget what was said or want to review it later.

It’s More Convenient

Adding chat to your video conferences can help you and your team achieve specific goals during the session.

For example, if you’re using video conferencing for sales meetings, it can be helpful to add chat so you can have more one-on-one conversations with customers. In this way, you can discuss product demos and offer support.

Another option is to use chat to encourage students to ask questions or share their thoughts with other participants during a class meeting. This works well for quick yea/nay polls or more complicated quizzes, and it’s also a good tool for warming up a class ahead of time. You can also use chat to keep a group of students updated on what’s happening in the classroom or on an assignment. 

It’s More Effective

Adding chat to video conferences is a great way to improve team productivity and communication. It can help you keep up with the pace of your meetings and increase your staff’s engagement, especially if your employees are remote. Building relationships with your clients and customers is also a significant option, which is vital to long-term business partnerships. Video conference software can even be used for online training sessions. It is a great way to educate your team members on a new project or product without sending them to physical locations.

Additionally, many video conferencing software platforms allow you to share screens and documents in real-time, making it easier for your team to work together on projects. Another benefit of adding chat to your video conferences is that it helps you connect with customers worldwide. This is especially useful if your client base includes clients in remote areas, as they may need help to come into the office to discuss certain projects or issues.

It’s More Fun

Adding chat to video conferences is a great way to make meetings fun and productive. Not only it allows you to communicate with people from around the world, but it also allows for a more interactive experience than simply sending a text message. In addition, adding chat to your video conferences is an excellent way to encourage participation from new members and increase team morale. It is also useful in engaging with your customers and answering their questions in real time. You should always be mindful of etiquette when using chat for business purposes. While you don’t have to be polite as you would in a face-to-face meeting, you still want to be sure that you show everyone respect and appreciation for their time.


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