Unboxing Action Figures: The Thrill Of Revealing Your Favourite Toys
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Unboxing Action Figures: The Thrill Of Revealing Your Favourite Toys

Why do kids love unboxing action figure toys? Let’s dig deeper to explore together!

What Are Unboxing Toy Videos About? 

Kids like watching unboxing videos, which receive millions of views and tens of millions of subscriptions. Videos with children in them often receive approximately three times as many views as other types of films from prominent channels. According to Pew Research, many of those views are devoted to toys or games.

 A confluence of cognitive, emotional, social, and physiological factors, including identification, imagination, feeling “in” the tale, social connection, learning, and a dash of dopamine, contribute to the attraction. Due to the enormous popularity of unboxing videos, several teenage YouTubers make millions of dollars every year by allowing viewers to watch them open packages and interact with toys.

A Thrill Of Surprise 

It’s undeniable that these films are intended to be entertaining! Even as adults, we enjoy getting gifts because they make us look forward to pleasant experiences. Children might pretend to receive a surprise even when they are not present by watching unboxing videos. Children will inevitably want to know what’s inside the box, and they’ll keep watching until they find out about their favourite action figures toys!

It Feels Like Going On A Wonderful Trip 

The experience of being transported into a tale and experiencing presence is referred to as narrative transportation. Close-up views, strong emotional arcs, and action increase presence, which is the feeling of being there. 

Children feel as though they are inside a narrative when they are engaged with it on screen. From being an observer, they become an active participant. A spectator is more likely to suspend disbelief and ignore errors because they are more engrossed in the tale, which improves enjoyment and lowers resistance to persuasion. 

For example, unboxing ninja kids’ toys takes you back to the era of those marvellous ninja movies. 

Unboxing Videos Provide An Emotional Connection 

Who wouldn’t want to have fun like that? In story persuasion, identification plays a key role. Kids may connect to the joy of opening a new gift. Therefore, unboxing video channels with kids, like Ryan’s World or EvanTubeHD, improves the probability of identification for young audiences. 

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that we are drawn to characters who, in some way, identify with us. When a youngster empathises with the person who unboxes toys, they may put themselves in that person’s position and experience the emotional rollercoaster as the unpacking progresses.

Your Kid Get To Learn A Lot 

Unboxing videos function as “how-to” guides. Unboxing films are frequently used to teach skills like Play-Doh methods or how to use Minecraft plugins. According to Bandura’s theory of social cognition, learning occurs when we see behaviour and analyse the results after filtering them via our own values, objectives, and surroundings. 

Action and outcomes are what you get in an unpacking video. Yet the toy itself isn’t the issue. Youngsters will pay close attention to these movies so they may mimic the skills and behaviours in their own play.

It Sparks The Imagination

The unboxing videos are entertaining. Children like receiving presents, playing with toys, and celebrating birthdays and holidays. While opening a box is a joyful ritual, it is mostly about anticipating a pleasant experience. 

Children need the emotional experience of being a part of the surprise. It gives the impression of ‘being there.’ The item may be desired by children, but only as a means to an end: the opportunity to have fun.

It Feels Social 

Youngsters who watch channels on a regular basis feel as though they are with friends, forming a relational connection to a media figure. YouTube’s authenticity is produced via unscripted adventures supplemented with the normal YouTube strategy of breaching the fourth wall. 

Celebrities utilise social media to create a sense of interpersonal connection. Therefore, the feeling of a parasocial connection is not limited to children. This is demonstrated by viewers’ enthusiasm and sense of familiarity with daily talk show presenters and celebrities who interact with fans on Instagram.

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