Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning
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Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning

Looking at the past decade, we can’t deny the fact technology has changed the whole world. From the way we communicate, travel, shop, play to the way we perform work everything is getting advanced. According to the masters assignment help, In several different parts of the world, people have different views. They thought of it as an evil that is slowly going to weaken humanity. Among them, some people see it as an approach to bring people together and to resolve some of their greater challenges. 

Comparing the old world with the new world, technology was mainly focused on one or two software that was not flexible enough and unresponsive. The brand new technology emphasized consumers, apps, and data locked-in devices. 

Technology Going Beyond

For better or worse, Technology is everywhere even in education which can help in teaching and learning. As we are aware that the novel coronavirus is also shaping education through online learning and technology is playing a major role in the learning of students.

Schools and teachers can integrate technology in the classroom and effectively enhance learning and teaching.

Technology-based learning is an important aspect of education. Listing down the importance of technology in learning and teaching:

Exploring The Benefits

  • The Power of Social media And Digital tools: These days several different online tools are available such as Google. The app allows students and teachers to share class material, assessments, and projects which you can edit also and submit in no time. 
  • Open Access: As coronavirus turned physical learning into remote learning, several websites are providng open access to masters assignment help online for research papers.
  • Software for Presentation: Software such as Powerpoint provides help to teachers and students to paste pictures, clip arts, videos, text, and useful information related to class lessons in an effective way. 
  • Gamification: Gamification is solving a complex problem with the help of a game as students learn best when they are having fun. Give rewards to your student with points instead of grades. 

Teachers can organize competitions, create challenging quizzes that can enhance the learning experience in a class environment.

  • Tablets: can easily be connected to computers and projectors. This way teacher and student can connect through a presentation.
  • Automation: Teachers can easily manage their daily tasks from attendance checking to monitor the performance of students. In this way, they can save a lot of their time and access students easily.
  • Advancement in Research: Students don’t need to go through tons of books to find facts, figures, and specific references. Assistance from any online masters assignment help or USA based websites are available to save time on research paper writing.
  • Fun learning: Technology made learning more fun than ever, by the help of cellphones various apps are accessible to students which they can download and take help from. 

Apart from that,

They can also learn different languages, especially those students who are planning to go abroad for higher studies. They can easily download the language learning apps and learn within the specified period.

  • Online classroom calendars: Teachers can now upload online class schedules for the students. They can upload assignment, test, exams, field trip, events date properly. This classroom calendar helps students to have a look at important dates and manage their tasks accordingly. 
  • Screen sharing: Students can collaborate easily in online learning. It allows teacher and student to share their work and important documentation with the whole class. Google meet is one of the best examples of screen sharing in recent
  • E-books excess: Several different e-books students can now easily access to gain knowledge and improve their homework. University professors can provide these e-books access easily to students as online e-books required authorization to access.
  • Online assessments: Teachers can prepare online assessments every week that is easy to check and help to monitor the students’ progress. 
  • On-time feedback: Teachers with the help of digital tools can give real-time feedback to their students and can conduct an online survey to gain insights into the student’s understanding. 

Technology can surely enhance modern education. It becomes a need for a society to compete in the modern era but some cons need to be highlighted. 

The cons of technology in education

  • Not all students have easy access to resources. Several students can’t even afford textbooks so it will be impossible for them to even buy expensive gadgets.
  • Internet connectivity issues are one of the issues that can make learning impossible through technology 
  • The whole world is connecting through digital tools without taking care of nature and the amount of personal data they collect through various devices which results in cyber attacks 
  • The quality of research students find on the internet sometimes is not reliable enough. Students need proper guidance to find trustworthy sources 
  • Through the internet, you can get tons of knowledge but you will miss out on the real fun of sitting in a classroom, interacting with your professor and learning through physical  experiences 
  • Institutes that lack IT support can create hurdles to implement new classroom technologies 
  • The use of technology is affecting the physical life of students. They are not having extra circular activities which are affecting their health. Co-curricular activities are important along with full-time studies. These activities can enhance learning for both teachers and students. 

The Final Judgment

The above points prove that the use of technology in learning overshadows the cons. It helps to increase the competence and efficacy of teachers and students.

Technology can be the best tool for change in society in a positive manner. Students and teachers should use technology to enhance their learning and teaching experience. 

Due to technology, we have seen high demand for online degrees and learning through cellphone. Physical boundaries are being removed and people in the modern era are embracing technology to enhance learning. To move forward in this steady and fast world every one of us should learn and interact with the new technology.