You might be curious to learn more about the many erectile dysfunction medications currently available on the market and their potential adverse effects. If you’re curious about erectile dysfunction medications but unsure of your choices for treatment, read this article. The following are common treatments for sexual dysfunction to treat medicine like Fildena 150.

Medication side affects for erectile dysfunction

There are negative side effects from several erectile dysfunction medicines. Among the most frequent are discomfort and penile region scars. It is not advised for patients with cardiovascular issues to take medicines for erectile dysfunction. Patients with a history of cardiovascular disease may not be recommended to receive injectable treatment due to its potential side effects of increased blood pressure and dizziness. Some erectile dysfunction drugs lower testosterone levels and impair sexual effectiveness. Your doctor might suggest an alternative therapy if you have a heart condition to assist with symptom relief.

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Viagra if you’re considering using a medication to treat erectile dysfunction. It functions as a PDE5 inhibitor by promoting blood flow to the urethra. However, sexual stimulus is still necessary in order to get an erection; it doesn’t just happen. Like with any prescribed medication, including Fildena 120, Viagra may cause side effects that need to be understood and prevented.

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A number of substances, including some forms of alcohol, can contribute to ED. You must cut back on drinking and quit smoking if you want to fight ED for Cenforce. Many men also learn that phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors’ mechanism of action involves increasing the amount of chemicals in the penile and enlarging blood vessels. However, ED drugs don’t stimulate sexual urge like Viagra does. Most individuals will find that adopting a healthier lifestyle is the best option.

Alternative therapies

Your healthcare provider may request blood tests in addition to performing a physical examination to determine whether ED is a sign of a more severe illness. Additionally, they might check your penis to see if there is any bodily harm or numbness. They could also assess your general health and degree of bed comfort. Even though it may be uncomfortable to bring up erectile dysfunction, many men experience it. Based on your unique requirements, the qualified healthcare expert will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

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Sometimes, doctors will address erectile dysfunction with surgery or prescription drugs. Medication for ED signs may help, and it may even guard against more severe conditions like diabetes or heart disease. It is critical to remember that some medications can have undesirable adverse effects, including low blood pressure or even life-threatening blood clots. You have a variety of choices regardless of the course of your treatment.

Most men find that sexual counselling is effective in treating erectile dysfunction. The patient and his partner benefit from this therapy as it helps them comprehend and embrace their illness. Before receiving invasive treatments for Cenforce 150 red pill, ED patients should receive sexual counselling. Low hormone levels can occasionally be the root of ED. Hormone replacement therapy is the most popular treatment for ED, but only after a careful medical examination.

Oral medications

For the majority of men with the condition, oral erectile dysfunction medications are usually the first line of therapy. When combined with sexual stimulation, these drugs increase blood flow to the penis, increasing the chance of an erection. Oral medications don’t have an addiction issue, unlike many other treatments. The majority of men will notice at least a brief increase in arousal rates. The need to take more than one tablet per day is one of the drawbacks that is still prevalent.

You can buy nonprescription Fildena 150 products for erectile dysfunction in addition to prescription medications. Always consult a healthcare professional before using any natural treatments for erectile dysfunction because they have the potential to cause adverse side effects when used in large doses. Do not hesitate to contact Medslike  if you have any concerns. They provide a free newsletter with the most current details on medical advancements, wellness recommendations, and professional guidance on taking control of your health.

Injection treatment for erectile Dysfunction

Using injectable therapy to achieve an erection to treat erectile dysfunction is a wonderful way to fix the issue for a few minutes, but it can also result in an erection that lasts far too long. Even though most men won’t consistently have issues with extended erections, those who do should visit a doctor. This technique carries a number of dangers, including burns and infections.

Injections to aid men in overcoming erectile dysfunction frequently use vasoactive substances. Due to the fact that the medications don’t start to take effect until after they’ve been completely absorbed, this treatment is excellent for men who struggle to keep an erection. Men with ED may also be less anxious and more self-assured during sex. Self-injections are a great substitute for ED drugs. Instead of the usual thirty minutes with ED drugs, they can get an erection in as little as ten minutes. Additionally, ICP is considerably more efficient than oral ED drugs. For men who underwent a radical prostatectomy, self-injections are a wonderful alternative.

Do They Differ From One Another?

These drugs all function in a similar manner. The length of time they continue to function and the speed at which they start are, however, slightly different.

Levitra takes a little longer than Viagra to start functioning and lasts for about 30 minutes before its effects wear off.

Staxyn disintegrates in the pharynx. It has the exact same active ingredient as Levitra and begins to function after about 15 minutes.


If you experience an erection that lasts longer than four hours without any signs of sexual yearning, you might need emergency care. A specialist might describe it as a “priapism.” Inside the urethra, blood builds up and cannot escape. If not handled, it might leave scars and result in permanent ED.

You should seek emergency care right immediately if you experience any of the following:

A outbreak

an unpleasant arousal


ยท Chest pain

During defecation, there is burning or itching.

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