Virat Kohli Total Centuries List: ODI, T20, Test
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Virat Kohli Total Centuries List: ODI, T20, Test

It has been around more than 14 years since, Virat Kohli has made his debut for Indian cricket team in ODI format against Sri Lankan team in the year 2018 and since, his debut he has never looked back and has maintained to create plenty of records in his name. 

Virat is the second highest century maker in the history of the international cricket. If you are also a Kohli fan and you wish to know about all the centuries he has scored in all the formats then this is the perfect and the right blog for you as in this blog you will be able to gather all the information you have been looking for. 

So, without wasting time let us have a look at Virat Kohli all centuries in all the formats of cricket. 

Centuries of Virat Kohli in test format – 

His debut for test centuries was against Australia on 2th January 2012, and even though India lost the match Kohli’s performance won hearts. 

Date Score 
24th January, 2012116
31st August, 2012103
13th December, 2012103
22nd February, 2013107
18th December, 2013119
14th February, 2014105*
9th December, 2014115
9th December, 2014141
26th December, 2014169
6th January, 2015147
12th August, 2015103
21st July, 2016200
8th October, 2016211
17th November, 2016167
8th December, 2016235
9th February, 2017204
26th July, 2017103*
16th November, 2017104*
24th November, 2017213
2nd December, 2017243
13th January, 2018153
1st August, 2018149
18th August, 2018103
4th October, 2018139
14th December, 2018123
10th October, 2019254*
22nd November, 2019136
12th March, 2023186
21st July, 2023121

Centuries of Virat Kohli in ODI format – 

Date Score 
24th December, 2009107
11th January, 2010102*
20th October, 2010118
28th November, 2010105
19th February, 2011100*
16th September, 2011107
17th October, 2011112*
2nd December, 2011117
28th February, 2012133*
13th March, 2012108
18th March, 2012183
21st July, 2012106
31st July, 2012128
5th July, 2013102
24th July, 2013115
16th October, 2013100*
30th October, 2013115*
19th January, 2014123
26th February, 2014136
17th October, 2014127
16th November, 2014139*
15th February, 2015107
22nd October, 2015138
17th January, 2016117
20th January, 2016106
23rd October, 2016154*
15th January, 2017122
6th July, 2017111*
31st August, 2017131
3rd September, 2017110*
22nd October, 2017121
29th October, 2017113
1st February, 2018112
7th February, 2018160*
16th February, 2018129*
21th October, 2018140
24th October, 2018157*
27th October, 2018107
15th January, 2019104
5th March, 2019116
8th March, 2019123
11th August, 2019120
14th August, 2019114*
10th December, 2022113
10th January, 2023113
15th January, 2023166

Centuries of Virat Kohli in Test format  

In T20 Virat centuries are not much as he has only scored one century against Afganistan on 8th September, 2022 where he scored 122* runs.

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