What Are The Best Suzuki Scooters For Commuting?
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What Are The Best Suzuki Scooters For Commuting?

Mention the name Suzuki, and the first vision that comes to mind is that of compact and utilitarian family cars. Indeed the brand’s first foray into the Indian market occurred as part of the partnership with Maruti, and it specialized in manufacturing four-wheelers. It was after having established itself that the brand expanded its inventory to include two-wheelers. Soon Suzuki scooters began to ply on Indian roads, and the company introduced several models.

The Indian branch of Suzuki is an off-shoot of the parent company which is based in Japan and is representative of the brand’s efforts to maintain a global presence. Over the years, the brand has strived to provide cost-effective and value-based products for all segments of the Indian population. Its latest offering is the Burgman scooter, Suzuki has been keen on expanding its two-wheeler inventory with the intention of suiting all pockets. 

Currently, some of the best Suzuki scooters that you can purchase in India. Check these scooters – 

Avenis – Courtesy of its 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, the Avenis is a performance-driven vehicle that gives a mileage of about 55 kmph in city conditions. Particularly attractive is the sleek sporty look which never fails to draw attention on the roads. The provision of a LED headlamp mounted on the body ensures that it is effective for night driving, while the rear indicators are strong enough to compete with bigger two-wheelers. 

Weighing 106 kg, this Suzuki scooter is easy to handle for the driver, and just as comfortable for the pillion owing to the footrest towards the rear. While you can stash the slightly bigger items under the seat during the drive, place the smaller items in the USB charging compartment alongside putting your phone on charge. 

Access 125 – This scooter from Suzuki comes in two variants, namely the standard and special edition. It maintains the same engine specifications as other Suzuki scooters – 4-stroke, single-cylinder, and air-cooled – but has improved in other aspects. In this model. 

There has been a focus on driver safety, as is evident from the inclusion of LED position lights in addition to the LED headlamp. Other features that also strive to ensure driver’s safety pertain to the meter visor to maintain clarity during wet weather, and the interlocking system in the side stand. 

Effective application of technology is specifically evident in the digital console that provides a horde of capabilities arising from Bluetooth connectivity. You can set a speed limit and receive an alert every time the bike breaches the mark, and rely on the step-wise navigation system and the ETA updates to reach your destination on time every time. 

Burgman Street – As one of the recent introductions by the brand, Burgman Street is best described as being dramatic. Being the first maxi variant among Suzuki scooters, this model represents several deviations from the standard features. For the first time in the brand’s history, the vehicle’s comfortable seat comes in a dual-tone colour and finish. To match it, the inner leg shield also has two colour tones, not to mention the LED headlamp and tail lights that add to the overall elegance. 

The engine technology in the Burgman scooter remains the same as its predecessors, but on the outside, it provides more floorboard and footboard space to the rider. Despite hanging bags on the hook which this model provides, there is still sufficient space for you to rest your feet and feel relaxed while driving. Yet another detail is the trip report that the digital console provides with the objective of facilitating analysis of your riding habit in the long run. 

Burgman Street EX – Launched in 2022, this model is more of an updated model of the Burgman scooty as opposed to being a true variant. Most features that have remained hallmarks of Suzuki scooters have found a place in this latest model too, except for a few minor changes. 

To counter the disproportionate size of wheels in the previous models, the manufacturer has fitted this model with a 12-inch rear wheel to provide a more balanced feel. Also, the smart start-stop button and the silent start add a dash of sophistication to the ride. By including the Eco Performance Alpha, the brand has expressed its intention of working towards the betterment of the environment. 

Final thoughts

Over the years, Suzuki scooters have evolved to render vehicles more comfortable for the rider. As a result, the later models come with ample foot space and softer seats. So, you can stretch your legs out at a signal to release stress while sinking into the seat. This goes on to reflect the ‘no pain, no gain’ policy of this Japanese manufacturer. 

Scooters have become increasingly popular over the years, especially in urban areas where they provide a quick and convenient mode of transportation. Scooters are typically smaller and more agile than cars or bicycles, making them ideal for navigating through congested city streets or crowded sidewalks. If you are considering buying a scooter, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you make the right choice. First, consider your intended use for the scooter. Will you be using it for short commutes or longer trips?

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