What Does it Mean This Person is Unavailable on Messenger?
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What Does it Mean This Person is Unavailable on Messenger?

As you know, Messenger is one of the biggest platforms for messaging and chatting. It is widely used by users around the world to connect with their friends and family. After all these points, there are still some issues that users have to face, like some users complaining that they see the message of this person is unavailable on Messenger. What does it mean that this person is unavailable on Messenger? Here, I am going to tell you what it means and the best solutions for the issue. Stick with us and read below here:

Why Does Messenger Say This Person is Unavailable on Messenger?

Daily, millions of messages are delivered from one place to another, and millions of users stay active on Messenger. It is not mandatory that all users be available on Messenger. There are many reasons that cause any user to be unavailable on Messenger. Basically, the primary reason for the unavailability is that the user has blocked you. But it is not the only reason; there are many reasons behind this situation, such as:

  1. The user’s account doesn’t exist on Messenger: The person you are trying to connect with has deactivated their Messenger account, or Facebook has suspended their Messenger account for any reason.
  1. That user has blocked you: This is a sad point to hear, but reality demands it. If your friend has blocked you, you cannot reach them and receive the message “This person is unavailable on Messenger.”. 
  1. Messenger has a technical issue: If you have checked both previous points and confirmed that you have not been blocked by the user and the user account is active on Messenger, your messenger has some technical error that causes this issue.

How Do I Get Rid of “This Person is Unavailable on Messenger”?

There are some possible and effective methods that can help you get rid of this problem.

  1. Check if you are blocked or not: This is the major point that we discussed earlier. So, you have to check if you are blocked by the person or not. To check that person, open your messenger app and try to find the person on the messenger. If you cannot find the person in your account, then search for them in another account. If you can find them on another account, it means that you are blocked by the user.
  1. Check whether you haven’t blocked the user: You also have to check to make sure you have not blocked the user unknowingly. To check the same, open your messenger and go to its settings. There, you need to visit the option “Blocking”. There you will find the users that you have blocked. If you have blocked your friend, you can unblock them by just clicking on the “Unblock” button opposite the user name.
  1. Check your internet connection: The Internet is the biggest component when you do net surfing. So, you need to check if your device is well connected to a good and stable internet connection. To check your connection, you can do other activities on any browser. It can tell you whether you are connected to the internet or not.
  1. Log out and log back into your Messenger account: If you are confident that the user is active on Messenger and he hasn’t blocked you, then the problem may come from the messenger’s side. You can log out of your account and then log back in to troubleshoot the issue.

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