What to do if your baby hates pacifiers
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What to do if your baby hates pacifiers

“The two-month-old baby has always been mixed-feeding, but recently she hates pacifiers. She cries and cries when she is fed with a bottle.

She stops crying when she is given breast milk. Because there is not enough breast milk. And she is about to go to work again. What to do, I have been eating very little milk powder recently.

I was hungry in the middle of the night and didn’t eat milk powder. I sucked a few mouthfuls of breast milk. It was around midnight.

At six o’clock in the morning. I was hungry and only ate 80% of milk powder. Then at nine o’clock I only ate 30% milk powder. What should I do although I have little breast milk.

I will give her as much as I can, but I can’t get enough. she hates pacifiers, what should I do, cry to death/(ㄒoㄒ)/~ ~”.

The above is the description of a mother who is very anxious and anxious. I believe that many mothers have encountered the same problem. What to do if your baby hates pacifiers


  • feeding bottle
  • nipple


Choose a pacifier

Breastfeeding nipples are designed to imitate the shape of a breastfeeding mother’s breast and have a soft touch.

It is suitable for the baby’s oral development, ensuring that the baby is very comfortable and natural when drinking. Made of imported natural rubber and olive oil, that is, food-grade silicone nipples.

It does not contain harmful ingredients such as bisphenol A, and has the advantages of colorless, odorless, non-toxic, high and low temperature resistance and aging resistance; it is very soft and extremely elastic, very close to the mother’s breast, and babies like it more.

Compared with latex pacifiers (i.e. synthetic silicone pacifiers), the advantages are obvious. Therefore, the vast majority of mothers will choose food-grade silicone pacifiers. Many brands of pacifiers have a gum smell,

Which means that the raw materials of the pacifier are not suitable for babies, and mothers are advised not to use them for babies.

At present, the European EN14350 testing standard for infant drinking utensils is the highest testing standard in the world, and the BV testing certificate is the safest baby product.

Early intervention.

The intervention of the feeding bottle is best when the baby is almost one month old, and the baby has become accustomed to feeding at a fixed time. If the situation permits, the baby does not have a particularly deep memory of the mother’s nipple, so try to wait until this time to use the baby bottle.

If your baby doesn’t drink milk, you can buy a few pacifiers as toys for your baby, so that your baby can get in touch with pacifiers more often, and he will use his mouth to bite when playing with toys, so that he will become familiar with pacifiers and eat them after a long time. Try bottle feeding before your baby is hungry Easytoys Discount Code NHS.

Do not force.

If you start feeding your baby with a bottle, your baby will often cry and refuse to feed. Don’t force the baby at this time, don’t force the pacifier into the baby’s mouth, this will make him hate the pacifier and bottle even more. Mothers can take a while, try to hug him, shake him, walk around, etc., so that he can calm down and let the baby adapt to the bottle step by step.

It may also be that the baby is not used to the taste of the pacifier or the taste of milk powder. At this time, you can soak the pacifier in warm water, and you can also apply some breast milk on the pacifier or squeeze some breast milk into the bottle, so that the baby will feel familiar with the taste. After eating the pacifier, suck the baby repeatedly. Not once, twice or three times, the baby will always adapt slowly

Heavy opportunity

When the baby is fed with a bottle, he should choose when he is hungry. At this time, the baby is more likely to accept the bottle. Generally speaking, it is best to choose between 4 and 6 in the afternoon, because the mother’s milk secretion is the least during this time.

Sometimes it is necessary to feed the baby when the mother is not around. Some babies will refuse to breastfeed from the bottle as long as they hear the mother talking. At this time, the mother can try to leave the room or even leave the house. A father, brother, sister or nanny is needed to breastfeed instead of mother.

It is a process for the baby to accept the bottle. Mothers should not be too impatient, but be patient and give the baby enough time to adapt. Let the baby accept the bottle, so that the mothers can rest assured to leave the baby temporarily, and the baby can drink milk smoothly Babyproducts.pk.

Pacifier baby image design

Babies always give people a very cute look. Today, let’s draw a baby’s expression and pacifier, learn the drawing skills of baby-related elements, and experience the combination of pink, yellow pink, blue and black Skill Fat Brain Toys Discount Code NHS.


  1. Use a pen to draw the baby’s facial expression, the inner and outer circular paths of the eyes, the detailed path of the pacifier, and the detailed path of the outer package.
  2. Set the rosy fill to the top of the wrap, and the path to the baby’s face with a pale pink.
  3. Fill the brows with light pink, the eyes with black, and the pupils with dark blue.
  4. Use the Mesh Tool to click on the inner and outer oval shapes of the eye to give it a blue-black gradient, and fill the baby’s nose with a dark pink.
  5. Use pink to fill the halo under the eyes, then fill the outer and inner edges of the nipple with light and dark pink, and then click the inside of the nipple with the mesh tool to make it appear pink.
  6. In this step, we fill the paths on the sides under the wrap with a mix of red-gray, magenta, and dark pink. Then use the grid tool to click on the light-colored area of ​​the package to make it a pink gradient.
  7. Finally, we fill the top of the package with pink and then use the grid tool to make a gradient effect, set the color mode to brighten, and complete the image design of the pacifier baby.

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