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When is the best moment to buy YouTube views since uploading videos?

One of the social media sites with the quickest current growth is YouTube. We watch YouTube videos for a staggering amount of time every day. The most remarkable aspect of YouTube is how simple it is to publish videos and grow your audience. The success of their films and the popularity of their channels have helped many people establish successful careers. 

Whether you are a professional, a hobbyist, a budding musician, a citizen journalist, a DIY whiz, a cook, or a makeup addict, YouTube may help you expand your audience, build your brand, and start a new business. Making a channel, adding quality videos, and promoting your material is all you need to do to see the results.  

 IItcan is challenging to attract people to view your content. Reaching 5000 or 10,000 views might be difficult, even for those with enormous personal networks. Simply put, YouTube videos and other web content rely on social proof, and credibility is a key component of social proof. 

A video’s chances of appearing as recommended material increase with the number of views it receives and the number of viewers who are willing to watch it. It’s a never-ending circle. We repeatedly observe that, given the option, viewers would prefer to watch a video with 2000 views over one with 200 views.

For this reason, boosting the organic views of your material by purchasing YouTube views can be a terrific idea. Of course, it’s not a miracle cure, but it can help you get started. Purchasing YouTube views might aid in the popularity and endorsement of your video. 

The trick is to purchase from vendors who offer genuine views from the US and the UK while remaining compliant with YouTube’s Terms of Service (TOS). Scam services abound, and they may draw the wrong type of attention to your film. Do your homework before making a purchase, and be aware that this is a strategy that only promises quick results. 

Purchasing YouTube views has many uses. It does not, however, ensure long-term success. 

Buying views…

According to the quality of the targeted views they give, viewer engagement, responsiveness, turnaround time, and a money-back guarantee, these top 5 websites for purchasing YouTube views are ranked (if they have one). BuyViewsReview is the domain name of the testing website.


BuyYouTubeSubscribers offers the most value for money when it comes to purchasing YouTube views, making it our top choice. First off, all of BuyYouTubeSubscribers’s packages include likes, thus after purchasing views from Devumi, there is no need to look elsewhere for interaction and retention. They offer the fastest response times on the market (for actual high-retention views) and a 100% money-back guarantee. Although some bot services are quicker, using bots is against YouTube’s TOS.


After Devumi, BuyViews is a close second. Along with their services, they provide a range of social promotion possibilities. They also provide a 100% money-back guarantee and an amazing 60% to 90% retention rate. Their turnaround time, however, isn’t as quick as Devumi. Additionally, they make no time commitment to their retention rate.

3. AdvertisingHeaven

It’s really simple to purchase YouTube views with MarketingHeaven. You may add the URL of the movie you want to promote, choose the number of views you want from a dropdown menu, and, if you like, add an optional selection of likes, all from their webpage. Even though MarketingHeaven is more user-friendly than the top 2 websites on this list, it is also somewhat more expensive and does not offer a retention guarantee. Additionally, it doesn’t offer any opportunities for social promotion and it takes longer to see results.

4. 500VIEWS

Everything is available for purchase on 500VIEWS, including YouTube views, likes, comments, and subscribers. They feature a highly user-friendly add-ons system. They fall short of the top 3 sites in terms of quality, retention, engagement, and customer support. Results from 500VIEWS can likewise take up to a week to appear.

5. Social Retail

The selection of bundles at Social Shop is excellent. The micro package, which grants you 1000 views for $2, is at the low end of the scale while the Pro package, which grants you 1,000,000 views for $999, is at the high end. Given this variety of possibilities, their turnaround time of 2 days is rather acceptable. However, Social Shop’s alternatives for interaction are few. They don’t offer likes, comments, or subscriptions like some of the other websites on this list. Additionally, their customer service does not hold up well when compared to the others on our list.


The assurance that real people, not robots, will watch your movie is the most crucial feature to seek in a decent view purchasing website. You can only obtain organic retention and engagement from your purchase in this way. Your views will be inflated by robots, but those high numbers won’t amount to much else. Bot views can affect your chances of ranking and will not improve your position in search results; they also violate YouTube’s TOS and may result in the removal of your movies. Things may differ depending on human perspectives.

Remember that buying views won’t ensure sustained success or meaningful engagement. For this reason, purchasing YouTube views is considered a temporary strategy to kick-start organic development rather than something to continue doing indefinitely. To get lasting benefits, content creators still need to market their work and cultivate genuine connections with their audience.

Additionally, it’s critical to purchase from vendors whose YouTube subscribers are active. Their prior YouTube activity will only increase the legitimacy of their views, and hence, the legitimacy of your video and its rising popularity.

Finally, you should steer clear of sellers who offer opinions in a way that can endanger you. Sites that offer views from comparable IP addresses, the same or similar browsers, and similar cookies are simply too visible. That kind of action can be detected by YouTube, which means you might be in trouble.

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