Ways to Fix Windows was Unable to Complete the Format SD Card
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Ways to Fix Windows was Unable to Complete the Format SD Card

The performance of an SD card or any other external USB device can be enhanced by formatting it properly. In some instances, where Windows can’t format the SD card that appears on your screen then you are completely fed up with this.

You are now wondering about the ways to resolve the windows was unable to complete the format sd card, issue.

 If so, then you are at the right place, we will take you through the ways to fix the issue in the given article. Keep reading it.

Reasons Behind Windows can not Format this Drive

Before moving to troubleshooting the windows unable-to-complete format, issue, let’s have a look at the reasons causing it.

  • The drive may be right protected or locked that you can not format
  • The drive may contain some unsupported or corrupted files, and that window was unable to format.
  • There may be malware or viruses in the SD card and that’s why windows can not format it.
  • Your SD card may be physically damaged by any means, in such  instances windows can not format the drive    

After knowing the causes of the issue let’s proceed to the ways to fix the windows cannot format this drive, issue.

How to Fix Windows Unable to Complete Format,

Here are some proven ways to fix the issue.

  1. Disable Write Protection

Write protection means you can not modify or delete the data from the SD card without having a password. In such instances, if windows can not format the  SD card, then you need to disable the write protection mode from the SD card.

 For this, connect the USB device to your PC, go to Command prompt > Run as Administrator > Disk part > Continue

  1. Use Disk Management 

Using Disk management is the best and most secure way to format the SD card on a windows PC. It is used when your SD card becomes Raw and you are unable to format it on windows.

Connect your SD card to your PC and right click on it and go with “Disk Management”.

  1. Use Command Prompt 

To format any external USB drive or SD card, using Command Prompt is the basic way to fix the windows cannot format this drive, issue.  Diskpart is a special tool that helps you in managing your external drive and other storage media.

  1. Clear Viruses

If any malware is present on your SD card, there may be a chance of interference in the formatting of your drive and windows can not format the drive. Some malware may hinder the operation of a normal file including the formatting of a drive. So, you need to run a scan for detecting and removing malware.

  1. Repair SD cards with Bad Sectors 

Some more common reason is bad sectors which are some corrupted or damaged areas of a drive from where data can not be accessed but it is not permanent and can be repaired using the drive error checking feature.

To perform error checking feature you need to 

Insert an SD card on your PC and right-click on it > Choose properties > “Tools” > tap on the “Check” button under error checking > select “Repair Drive”, and wait until your drive is repaired.

  1. Use SD Memory Card Formatter

Moving toward the next solution of windows is unable to complete the format sd card, issue and you can do this with a specific utility tool instead of Windows Tool. SD memory card formatted is more recommendable and you can download it from the internet. Operating the specific utility tool is pretty simple. You need to select your SD card >  choose “Overwrite Format” to wipe out the current files on the card and name it in the “Volume Label” section.

So, we have discussed the best way to troubleshoot the windows unable-to-complete format, issue, and try these to overcome the issue.

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