Product packaging is pivotal in enhancing the worth of any brand’s products. The sole role of packaging is not to provide secure protection to products against environmental harm. It also plays a significant part in the brand’s promotion. Also, Many companies have gained popularity by using fancy and attractive boxes for packaging.  Do you want to make your insignificant sports store notable? Our custom sports boxes are the ultimate solution to add value and safety to sports equipment. These are constructed with long-lasting materials, kraft, cardboard, and corrugated material.  Besides, we add glamour to the box’s packaging with laminations, add-ons, and finishings.

What are the Main Elements of Our Custom Sports Boxes?

You will be wondering why you select ICB. What distinguishes us? You can get custom-made sports boxes under your requirements with the assistance of our experts.  We offer quality services at reasonable prices without letting our customers be disappointed.

Customizable in Accurate Sizes According to the Products:

Playing sports is not limited to athletes. Adults, kids, and teenagers play various types of sports as a part of a hobby or to keep themselves fit.  Sports equipment and gear are available in limitless sizes and shapes. That’s why each product requires an accurate shape box that is suitable.  You can share product details with our team, who will produce an accurately sized box.

Add Value to Product’s Packaging with Unique Box Styles:

It’s proven that all famous brands have signature box styles that set apart their company’s products.  Our packaging creators have years of experience and know how to produce a branded sports box. These are the most popular boxes styles of custom sports boxes that we manufacture:

  1. Two-piece box
  2. Tray and sleeve packaging
  3. Subscription box
  4. Mailer box

Sports Box’s Manufacturing with Long-Lasting Material:

Sports items vary in size and weight. Some are very light and do not need sturdy packaging. While others have great weight and require robust packaging. Therefore, we offer a wide range of material options. It depends on the clients to pick the one that seems most suitable. Our material options for sport boxes wholesale include kraft, cardboard, rigid and corrugated. All these stock options are 100% recyclable and do not have any harmful impact on the environment. Kraft is used in very rare cases at the customer’s request. However, cardboard and corrugated are more suitable options due to their strong nature. Corrugated is considered an appropriate option for mailer boxes. The corrugated sports box is constructed with flutes that strengthen the box and prevent breakable sports items from traveling shocks and bumps.

Choose Our Modern Printing Methods for Quality Prints:

Printed sports boxes add more value to a brand’s image than plain boxes. They help in brand recognition and create informative packaging. Sport box imprinted with the company’s logo image creates awareness about the brand’s products. It becomes easy for customers to find out about a brand’s products in a crowded market. The company’s trademark catches their attention as soon as they enter the store. We offer various printing methods to create unfadeable prints. These are as follows:

  • Offset printing method
  • Digital printing method
  • Screen printing

Create the Hype of Your Sports Store with Subscription Boxes:

Are you looking for an influential marketing strategy to promote the sports business? Sports subscription boxes are an outstanding option.  Also, You can send these boxes as a giveaway to famous athletes. As a result, they will share their reviews about your brand’s items on their social media platforms. ultimately, it will give birth to the popularity of the company. You will see the potential growth of new customers.

Add Uniqueness to Sports Boxes with Incredible Add-Ons:

Innovation is the key to a brand’s success. So how do you give an individual look to custom sports packaging? Numerous add-on solutions give a fancy look to the box’s packaging and make it endurable to environmental factors like scratches, marks, fluctuations, traveling shocks, etc.  Our add-ons options involve the following:

1. Die-Cut windows with PVC sheet:

Sports boxes with die-cuts are in fashion due to their exclusive designs. Customers can take a preview of the products without facing the trouble of unboxing. Our die-cut machines are of high quality and produce accurate cuts. We design the shapes of the die-cuts following the requirements of the clients.

2. Sport box with hang tabs:

Usually, hang tabs are added with small-sized boxes containing lightweight sports gear. Using hang tabs helps swing the box on the display shelf.

3. Sport box with compartments:

Most brands demand an individualized sports box to pack different types of articles. The use of compartments in the box act as dividers. as a result, all products stay segregated and secure from colliding with each other. Also, Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated inserts are suitable options due to their sturdiness.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes?

  • Free shipping worldwide
  • No plates and die-cut charges
  • Zero quote charges
  • Free digital mock-ups
  • Quickest turnaround
  • Market competitive prices
  • Free of-cost design support


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