Youtooz Vinyl Cartoon Figurine
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Youtooz Vinyl Cartoon Figurine

A record Youtooz Cartoon is challenging to create. View this behind-the-scenes look to discover more about the making of a Youtooz animation! from beginning to end (a charming figure).

For Ideation, 5-8 Hours

To illustrate the situations and conditions of the characters in the Youtooz cartoon, in-house illustrators consult with the person or group on whom the Youtooz is based. We routinely provide screen-sharing live sketching sessions for the Youtooz. Browse theme boards or compile suggestions using a thorough form.

After that, it sent to the character’s creator, owner, or IP holder for final approval. There may be multiple iterations of alterations before a concept takes on its final form. Every revision takes into account user comments or addresses a specific problem. Youtooz has a discount code which can used to get a deal.

30+ Musicians

More than twenty qualified North American designers make up Youtooz’s design team. Each and every one of our Youtooz discount code shows the dedication of our idea designers, package illustrators, or 3D modelers.

Turn-Around And Color Guide

To see how the concept might seem in 3D, the Youtooz cartoonist develops a 4-point turnaround on the idea and selects the pantone colors that will used to embellish the model. There are over three thousand different pantone hues, so picking the right one is crucial for accurately portraying the figure in a painted image.

A 8 to 16-Hour 3D Version

Our 3D modeling team receives the color guide or turnaround files from the concept designer. The Youtooz artist will next use some “digital clay” to produce the first-ever 3D representation for Youtooz. When the prototype 3D model is complete, the author, owner, or IP holder is notified and asked to approve it.

It Takes 8-20 Hours To Pack

Our package designers at Youtooz collaborate with the inventor or IP owner to develop the window-box design as the sculptor is developing the 3D model. The inside, and exterior, with sleeve imagery, were jointly produced by the author, proprietor, and IP holder with a Youtooz artist. Ideas can come from everywhere, like describing the drawing’s scenario or studying samples from related works.

The first drafts, which character owners can review and comment on, often finished in four to eight hours.

Trivia Sampling Every 3–4 Weeks

Our design team transfers the character files over to the Youtooz animation production team after the box art and 3D model finished. Using an early 3D printed prototype, the finished Youtooz’s physical appearance previewed. assessing the sample of WolfyChu for enhancements.

A 4–8 Week Holding Of Pressure

Once a prototype has accepted by the creator and IP owner, steel-mold production will begin. Each component and addition to the Youtooz laser carved from steel using a computer numerically controlled apparatus.

Casting takes longer when the pattern is more intricate. Some of them took six months to make. After using a mold to create another figure, we reuse the steel.

A typical Youtooz mold may be 500 kg heavy. These models need to delivered using a small crane.

Timing Of Vinyl Injection: 3–4 Weeks

The finished mould filled with liquid vinyl, or the solid Youtooz that produced is then removed. It’s amazing to watch a Youtooz grow little by little!

  • unfinished, already painted plastic components are saddest.
  • Youtooz produced by around 1400 workers on specialized production lines at our linked companies.
  • After the injection molding process is complete, the savage Youtooz parts taken out of the frame.

For Final Paint Or Assembly, 3–4 Weeks

Each Youtooz figurine meticulously hand-assembled and painted by the manufacturing team after each component is made.

  • The artwork for Troll Face Youtooz being polished.
  • Nightfall’s eyes painted.

In Three To Four Weeks, Check For Color And Design

Our QA or QC teams have started checking each number for faults and irregularities as production takes shape. The cartoons will placed in their window box and shipped to our delivery facility after gaining permission. To guarantee that they have the ideal form, Youtooz undergoes rigorous quality control methods involving dimensions, weight distribution, & hardness level. Each put through a 96-point quality check before being delivered.

The Time Required For Packing And Shipment Is One To Four Weeks

Each is covered in its display box and sleeve, then placed in a protective container before being packaged in a carton for shipping. Every day, thousands of Youtooz dispersed over the world.

Who Makes Youtooz And Where Exactly Is It Made?

Shenzhen, China is home to businesses that produce cartoons, where hundreds of highly qualified architects & toy specialists employed. The city of Shenzhen is a large exporter of everything from mobile phones to children’s toys since it is a center for high-tech production. Each affiliate organization using Youtooz data has a thorough audit system in place with regular reviews for a wide range of conformity requirements.

Protect The Environment

We take great pride in making sure that every site we work with complies with all applicable health and safety laws, conducts business responsibly, and protects the environment.

Our team evaluates morality and performance using the Disney International Labor Standards initiative. It regarded as the world’s most comprehensive industrial compliance program. Thanks to independent assessments from companies like Amfori, Intertek, or Sedex, we are able to keep our practices up to date with those of the ILS program.

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